Lets compare best email marketing service for small business

Business is not at all easy in the conditions of quarantine and crisis. Micro and small businesses suffer the most. Especially – those who are strongly attached to offline: barbershops, flower shops, cafes, restaurants, entertainment.

There are services and tools to help businesses:

  • adapt to the new format of operation;
  • establish team communications;
  • strengthen digital marketing;
  • boost sales.

It is quite easy to reorganize for IT companies and agencies. For them, the toolbox remained the same, but now the office is a home. It is much more difficult for those who are used to live communication, printouts, handwritten magazines. To replace all this and keep finger on the pulse of your business, transfer your processes online. Below is presented the best email marketing software for small business.


An English language service, one of the most popular in the world. A pleasant bonus is a free rate for teams of up to 15 employees. Certainly not extra savings for small businesses. A similar package at Worksection will cost $ 50 / month.

Office suite from Google

A great way to get rid of dozens of iterations of transferring Word and Excel files is to use Google Docs and Google Sheets. The service is absolutely free, you can adjust the level of access to the file.

As a result, the whole team can work with one table or document: you see comments, people can add actual data: records, orders, sales, payments, etc.

Todoist and other task managers

Personal task manager that employees can set for themselves. Suitable for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Simple and intuitive interface to set yourself tasks for the day/week. Alternatives include TickTick, Notion, Any.do. By the way, I’ve been using TickTick for more than a year, and Notion has gained particular popularity over the past year as a service for notes, knowledge bases, content plans, and a bunch of other tasks.


One of the most popular services for scheduling tasks and projects using the Kanban board method. The interface is designed in such a way that you can move tasks by conditional columns like “To be done”, “In work”, “Done”. Such boards can be created for different directions, projects or tasks. For example, make a sales board “Negotiations”, “Invoiced”, “Paid” and conduct transactions.


Service for online mind mapping – creating mind maps, brainstorms, project structures, schemes. The best option when you need to collect information in a convenient form, organize it and continue working on another task. For example, when preparing an article, presentation, launching a new product.

Google drive

All the same, you can’t do without working files, presentations and other little things. To avoid chaos in all this, it is worth getting cloud storage for the whole team. Google Drive is optimal according to the conditions – 100 GB costs around 45 UAH / month. This is enough for 95% of small business inquiries.

Time Tracker: Timely

The optimal tool if you only need a function to mark the working hours. Moreover, you can configure the automatic saving of time for the specified applications, services.


Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS tool to remotely access your device. For example, you can remotely connect to a colleague’s laptop and install the desired program or show how to work in Worksection.


The very service that many people have already come to love at a remote location. The very tool to make a call for at least 5 or 55 people. The same tool that does not blunt and does not constantly cut off the connection like Skype. In the free tariff, you can make a call for 100 people, the only limitation is the call duration is no more than 40 minutes. But it often even helps out, everyone speaks laconically, to the point.


A service where you can conveniently schedule online meetings, consultations. How it works: you give a person a link, he chooses the time available in your calendar and makes a reservation. He and you have an entry in the calendar, a notification in the mail about the planned call with a time frame. You can set up integration with Zoom – along with the confirmation of the time, you will receive a link to a call to Zoom.