Let’s know about – What is Robinhood Coin (COB)?

Robinhood is a cryptocurrency exchange that has no commissions for trading. Robinhood chose to go into the no-charge crypto exchange game using a cheeky interpretation of Robinhood’s design.

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Zero-fee trading is not a new concept, naturally.

Robinhood, the US zero-fee exchange, markets just in conventional markets and just for US traders. Robin Hood took advantage of the chance and it is developing a company model with the desire of obtaining investors and traders from all over the globe, including the US.

Robinhood released its very own coin, COB, via an ICO in September/October of 2017. While they plan to provide fiat-to-crypto trading, they presently only offer crypto-to-crypto trading on their system.

Nevertheless, this may alter based on the upcoming federal regulation of the fiat-to-crypto exchange, which is presently impacting numerous exchanges across the globe.

It is hard to gauge exactly how profitable they’ve been since launch, nevertheless, the Cobinhood Pr staff has described a sign-up of many profiles on the very first day of operation with additional customers jumping aboard the platform in the subsequent days.

Robinhood in comparison to other exchange tokens

The COB token appears to have the same benefits as many other well-known exchange tokens such as Kucoin Shares (KCS) and Binance Coin (BNB).

The rationale behind this is to produce the need for their token in the long term and favor some other kryptos by offering some really attractive benefits.

Binance’s approach has thus far worked out nicely because the need for their BNB token has increased considerably. Additionally, it is still to be seen if this is going to be a good development for Robinhood.

User Interface and Experience of Robinhood

The trading interface is easy to navigate and slick and makes use of all of the features you require to exchange your crypto.

Hence, in this particular edition of the user interface a charting program is typical with an order guide, an order form, industry historical past along with coin balance.

The exchange probably holds a range of cryptocurrencies, such as the big caps along with several little tokens, which may be traded against Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum, not to mention the indigenous COB token.

Robinhood realizes that crypto money is a worldwide concept that supports 13 distinct languages. Robinhood trading is offered for iOS as well as Android via their web interface and mobile.

Trading History of Robinhood

The project team released the Robinhood exchange on 18 December 2018 together with the chance to exchange COB for the very first time on the internet.

The COB was launched at about USD 0.33 before achieving an all-time high of USD 1.50 at the high point of the speculative bubble the previous year (2017).

The cryptocurrency market continues to trade off after its all-time high in December. COB traded at approximately USD 0.04 recently.

The marketplace has been impacted by many things. COB is a bit less recognized compared to its Asian cousins. But then, if the subsequent cryptocurrency bull run occurs, Cobinhood might see a new class of traders rushing to the website to profit from the zero costs.

Where can you purchase Robinhood Coins?

Robinhood may be purchased mostly on their official exchange. Even so, there are other choices. CoinMarketCap presents Mercatox as well as the distributed EtherDelta exchanges as alternative exchanges.

The volume is somewhat tight on these exchanges and also, a lot of traders regard EtherDelta as a platform for seasoned users. The authorized exchange of Robin Hood might be the best choice in case you’re not a beginner at trading.