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Linear Actuator Controller Arduino: Overview of Functionality

Want to know more about controlling a linear actuator with the help of Arduino? In this review, we’ll cover this topic, describe the importance of Arduino microcontrollers, and offer some pieces of advice. You’ll definitely learn more about linear actuators and their functionality.

Basic Information about Linear Actuators and Arduino


Being an ordinary open source company, Arduino mostly specializes in the development of microcontrollers. Their microcontroller kits are widely used for creating interactive and digital devices. Simply put, this is a well-known electronics platform which is based on easy-to-use software. The most well-known product developed by this company is a microcontroller, a small device which is responsible for providing remote control between different pieces of equipment. There are two types of microcontrollers:

  • Digital;

So they are an integral part of countless equipment. Today, microcontrollers are widely used with linear actuators (they help to better control them).

Do you know what the main purpose of linear actuators is? Thanks to these simple pieces of equipment, circular motion is produced. Today, they are used in a number of areas due to their functionality and simplicity. Besides, they are highly customizable. They mostly come with different additions that can be applicable for different purposes. The most popular item is a well-known microcontroller developed by Arduino.

Thanks to the functionality of the Arduino microcontroller combined with a linear actuator, customers can use the actuator for a number of purposes. For instance, you can use it in the equipment which you simply cannot access by hand. As you see, this is a must have tool of any equipment.

Arduino Microcontroller: What Should You Know about This Tool?

The main distinctive feature of Arduino devices is the existence of different microprocessors installed in them. Their goal is to connect Arduino and a linear actuator. All the boards of microcontrollers come with pins. Thanks to them, the device can access digital and analogue equipment.

Before you make a decision to buy a microcontroller, you should keep in mind that they are usually pre-programmed. This means that the device comes with a specific program which simplifies the user experience. Thanks to this option, you won’t face any difficulties with adding a certain program which will control the equipment.

Arduino microcontrollers are also equipped with a USB port. They have their own operating systems. The newer versions come with the Bluetooth technology thanks to which users can upload all the programs they need.

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of microprocessors. They have the CPU power of a computer that gives them regulatory control over the equipment. As a result, it is much easier to control the linear actuator with the help of an Arduino.

Thanks to the host of functions given by linear actuator controllers, people use them in a number of industry fields. Today, you can find them in assembly lines, electromechanical systems, manufacturing equipment or even oil refineries. People choose them because they have an awful lot of benefits, but the main reason is that they come with different input and output terminals.

Arduino controllers with linear actuators also allow for smooth motion due to the speed control of units. Users will easily control the position and direction of their unit. If you need more control capabilities, take a few controller boards and combine them together.

In Conclusion

Today, an Arduino linear actuator controller is an intrinsic part of any industry. People appreciate its functionality, reliability and the level of control they get. When connecting your actuators with processors or remote control sets, you’ll improve the user experience. Thanks to these devices, it is far easier to control the equipment which is hard to access by hand.

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