Little Tikes new Tobi Robot Smartwatch review

A fantastically fun wearable for young children: Our review of the new Little Tikes Tobi Smartwatch

Are you looking for the best smartwatch for kids? If so, you might want to consider this new wearable from Little Tikes.

Durable, splash proof and packed with a variety of fun and interactive games and activities, the Tobi smartwatch features a playful robot mode plus all the basics you’d expect to see in a smartwatch and more.

Suitable for children aged four to six years and up, the £49.99 smartwatch not only helps kids learn to tell the time, but it also includes a stopwatch, timer, an alarm clock, reminders and a calendar. Plus, there’s a built-in pedometer and two cameras to take photos and film videos.

Little Tikes’ Tobi smartwatch features a playful robot mode, plus all the basics you’d expect to see in a smartwatch and more

For the past few weeks, I have been testing out the Tobi Robot Smartwatch to see how the wearable tech performs and I  also gained a child’s opinion on the gadget.

Available in blue and pink, the watch’s packaging didn’t scream ‘Little Tikes’, which is ideal if your child associates the brand with ‘baby toys’. My partner’s son’s eyes lit up with excitement at first glance and he couldn’t get enough of the robot mode with its impressive range of expressions.

In fact, the robot has so many playful expressions I don’t think we’ve even discovered them all. The arms and legs, which pop out from the sides of the watch, also offer great amusement. By playing the learning games you can unlock food to ‘feed’ Tobi, customise his room and access stickers to add to your photos.

We found the watch strap to be quite large and loose-fitting, so I imagine it would be even more so on a younger child’s wrist. If it is too big for your little one, you can attach Tobi to their clothes using the clip that’s included. This versatile clip can also function as a display stand when using Tobi as an alarm clock or while its charging. 

The chunky watch face makes it easy for little hands to navigate and it is pretty responsive when you slide your finger on the screen or tap an app. There are also more than 50 watch faces to customise the Tobi smartwatch in both analogue and digital. 

The smartwatch is also packed with a variety of apps, from fitness and time management features to augmented reality and learning games. The timer and reminders are also great for helping kids to understand and manage their daily routine.

The Tobi smartwatch's Robot mode features an impressive range of playful expressions and interactions

The Tobi smartwatch is packed with a variety of apps,

The Tobi smartwatch’s Robot mode features an impressive range of playful expressions and interactions, while the App mode features a variety of fitness activities and games

The Tobi smartwatch comes equipped with a forward-facing and front-facing camera that allows children take photos and film videos. The 512MB memory can save up to 3,000 photos or up to 30 minutes of video. They are securely stored on the device and can be safely shared between paired Tobi devices.

Little Tikes claims the battery lasts for up to five days, depending on usage. Before the initial excitement wore off, the smartwatch lasted for perhaps one day because we used it a lot. But I reckon the battery can now last for about two to three days with average use.

Overall, the Little Tikes Tobi wearable is a fantastic introductory smartwatch for younger children, successfully combining learning, play and fitness in one fun and easy-to-use gadget.

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