London Medical Company Helps Thousands of People Secure COVID-19 Tests for Travel

With thousands of travellers left distraught and missing flights in December due to the failure of many companies to deliver on the expected COVID-19 test required before travel.

A London based company called Harley Medic International has helped to rectify the situation by opening 50 clinics across the UK, with an on-time delivery rate of 95%. These clinics have been set up to help get the UK economy moving again by providing fast and accurate testing to help control and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Testing sites have been set up in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Scotland, Wales and all across London. Many more clinics are situated across the United Kingdom in various other cities amounting to over 50+ testing sites and multiple lab networks.

The rapid expansion has been implemented under the companies COO, Adonis Hakkim, being at the forefront of the U.K.’s need for fast, affordable and reliable COVID-19 testing. Private PCR Tests for COVID-19 is a requirement for all international travel, and in recent months has become a mandatory requirement for all travellers returning to the UK.

The system in place for returning travellers is called the day two and day eight testing initiative set up by the UK government. Day two and day eight testing requires all passengers arriving back to the UK from abroad to take a test on day two and day 8 to check for COVID-19.

This has been a critical part of the U.K.’s governments success at stopping the spread of COVID-19, the day two and day eight testing has specifically been created to help track and trace new strains of COVID-19.

In recent months deadlier strains of COVID-19 have mutated across the world. Scientists fear the deadliest strains will come from India. India has seen a huge surge of COVID-19 cases meaning that mutation is happening on an unprecedented scale. Scientists are most worried about the double and triple mutated COVID-19 strains coming from India.

The strains are proven to be more deadly and transmissible than all current strains of COVID-19. Therefore, it is necessary for companies such as Harley Medical International to provide and made the effort to track and stop the spread of these deadly mutations in the UK.

Fit to fly covid tests are also requirements for travellers leaving the UK, to provide a certificate stating they are COVID-19 negative. The company has also stated it will be launching a private blood test service in the coming months, aimed at providing private genetic testing.