Looking For An Investment? These Men Essentials Are Worth It

Investments are great rewards for your hard work and hard-earned money. Imagine working long hours every day only to have most of your salary go to bills and other major financial responsibilities. You can still spoil yourself without feeling the guilt. After all, men also need retail therapy.

On that note, we have curated classic wardrobe and self-care pieces that are worthy investments for every gentleman out there.

Striking accessories

Men are not known for going gaga over accessories. Only a few of them adorn their wardrobes with sparkly pieces. But when they do, one of the first accessories they get are watches, like the Rolex Air King.

Rolex Air-King is a classic, timeless piece that is worth every penny. It has a sleek and crisp modern design derived from the original collectors-item Air King first released in 1953. Unlike its pioneering counterpart, the current Rolex Air King wears a metallic silver facade that can quickly upgrade your daily outfit from casual to trendy.

A watch is more than a time-telling wristband. It is a treasure that you can pass on from one generation to another given that you get a piece from renowned brands like Rolex, which are known for the quality and endurance of their pieces. It may feel like a splurge at first, but one Rolex Air-King is as good as a couple of other watches.

Alluring perfume

It is important to always smell good. Having a good body odor exudes great confidence and a happy feeling generally. It affects your mood and the mood of the surrounding people.

People think all perfumes are similar in quality, no matter their price. For them, it is okay as long as it can make you smell good.

Truth is: it is not.

Perfumes from designer brands are better than colognes from your local grocery store. Perfumes are longer lasting and a little drop of it has a stronger aroma compared to a couple of splashes of a typical cologne.

Most perfumes that are on the expensive side are oil-based. Meaning, they stick better to your skin, hence the stronger and long-lasting scent. Meanwhile, colognes are often water-based, which can easily be absorbed by the pores on your skin.

Hence, the next time you run out of your cologne, go and order a perfume, especially if you have the budget. One bottle of designer perfume can last you a year, therefore giving you more savings in the long run.

Sturdy leathers

When you are looking for the next addition to your wardrobe, always think of quality. Leathers are excellent investments to have as they would last you a lifetime.

Instead of buying a normal cotton bag, get a high-end leather bag from a designer brand or any shop known to source out authentic and strong leather.

You can also spend on quality-made leather dress shoes. These kinds of footwear do not need too much care. You can guarantee that they will not wear off much after use. Plus, it can easily make a casual outfit look formal.

Meanwhile, if you are on a tight budget, you can start small with a belt or a wallet. These are some things that men commonly use. Therefore, they can easily get damaged. However, if you invest in a leather belt or a wallet, they will last longer and you do not need to worry about buying a new one in the near future.

These may seem like small purchases with minimal impact on your wardrobe. But they are all great things to spend on, as all of them do not easily get worn out. Also, these pieces are not impulse purchases, this decreasing the sense of resentment after. Meaning, you will not feel bad after buying them.

Importance of self-care for men

Investing in the right things is a good form of self-care regimen for all hard-working men. Working all the time with nothing in return is no fun. It can even lead to burnout. Besides, it does not mean that only women get to buy wardrobe upgrades and pampering products. There will always be a space or two in a man’s closet for worthy investments.

Buying things for yourself can be therapeutic as long as you know it is worth it. This is because seeing the fruits of your labor gives a sense of reward. Therefore, it gives you the motivation to keep working and being more productive in your daily tasks.

That said, do not be afraid to spoil yourself sometimes. And when you do, do not feel bad about it. Remember that you worked hard for the things you have, so enjoy it as much as you can. It may seem like a splurge to others, but it is an investment for yourself.