Luke Littler admits there’s one man he’d like to fight in a celebrity boxing match as he labels TikToker a ‘loser’

  • Luke Littler appeared on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani on Thursday
  • Darts star was asked who he would box if he had to choose someone 
  • Littler singled out a TikToker that he made it clear he dislikes  

Luke Littler may not seem the fighting type but the darts phenomenom has admitted there’s one man he would choose to fight if he had to.

The Nuke was making an appearance on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani in New York on Thursday when he asked if he’d ever considered taking part in a celebrity boxing match.

‘I’d love to,’ the recently crowned Premier League Darts champion responded, ‘Why not. I tried it like once or twice when I was younger.’

Helwani assumed Littler had a darts player in mind but he quickly set him straight, saying: ‘it’s like a proper person, it’s not a darts player. Do I like him? Nah. Beavo.’

Beavo, real name Brandon Beavis, gained over a million followers on TikTok from sharing videos of himself wolfing down food without chewing.


Luke Littler says he would fight the TikToker Beavo if the opportunity was to arise 

Littler added: ‘He just swallows whole potatoes whole on TikTok.

‘I don’t like him. He actually messaged me on TikTok saying do you want to get a kebab together, I just ignored him.’

He was asked if he thought that Beavo is a ‘loser ‘and replied: ‘yeah.’ 

Beavo’s followers stand at 1.4million on TikTok but when highlighted, Littler replied: ‘He’s fallen off. He used to get millions of views but now he’s only getting 100k, 200k. I don’t know what the turning point was, he just fell off.’