Maintaining Concrete Driveway – Four Tips to Prevent Cracks

Concrete is a highly durable construction material. Still, despite its reliability, heavy traffic, and the fact that your cars regularly pass by your driveway it is prone to cracks. Even for small cracks, professional contractors of the concrete driveway can help you.

But why wait for a need to repair cracks when you can easily do these steps to prevent concrete driveway cracks?

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Complete the Curing Period Before Using It

Curing is the final step of building a concrete driveway.

It is the process of leaving it to dry while retaining moisture within the concrete. Most concrete contractors suggest a 28-day curing period wherein the first week is spent spraying water into the newly constructed concrete driveway.

If the weather is hot, you might need to spray it often.

Professional contractors of concrete driveways in Miami use acrylic cures and seals when mixing cement, water, and aggregates. This eliminates the need for the curing process and shortens the time needed when building a commercial or residential building.

During the curing period, watch out if the temperature drops. If the temperature is below 50F, use an insulating blanket to keep the concrete warm. This will lengthen the shelf life of your concrete driveway.

Use Joints and Reinforcements

If you have a large concrete driveway, don’t put in a large slab of concrete at once. Your concrete contractor will surely put in joints and reinforcements to keep it stronger. Joints and reinforcements reduce weak spots in a concrete slab.

There are different ways of adding joints. It can be done while the concrete is still wet, by adding wood fibers during the construction period or by cutting your concrete slabs into smaller pieces. The key to a stronger joint is the space between each joint.

A professional concrete contractor would know this.

For reinforcements, you can use steel during the pouring process. The still is laid down where the concrete will be poured. It is like putting a grid. Have this kind of reinforcement if you expect your driveway to be a busy one once done.

This also means having a solid base before pouring your mix. A solid base will help the concrete hold together, preventing any possible cracks in the future.

Correct Ratio of Cement, Water, and Aggregates

One common mistake that homeowners commit when having a DIY concrete project is the incorrect ratio they are making as they mix their concrete. What they don’t know is that proper ratio is one of the key secrets in making highly durable concrete.

A mix with too much water will give you a weaker slab of concrete but a mix with inadequate water will leave your concrete slab dry and prone to cracks too.

Hire a Professional Concrete Contractor

The first three steps are very important but if you are not into concrete jobs, it is best to hire a concrete contractor and have a quality concrete driveway. A professional contractor of concrete driveways in Miami knows all of this and they can surely do a nice job for you.

Think of the money you will save in the future for maintenance and repair as compared to paying a little extra for a concrete contractor. Before hiring a concrete contractor, start by checking their background. Hire someone that you can rely on and trust.

Ask for their license and portfolio. You can also ask for a recommendation from your friends who had concrete contractors before. It is best to do a little work and get to hire a concrete contractor you can trust with the task at hand.

With the help of a concrete contractor, you will know whether to use joints or reinforcements to save a few bucks. If you are not using large heavy cars, maybe joints are enough to keep your driveway intact and stronger.

This will save you from the unnecessary cost of using steel reinforcements.

Final Thoughts

Having a professional concrete contractor build your concrete driveway is more than enough to ensure that you will have a durable concrete driveway. However, to lengthen the shelf life of your driveway, you must do your part too once you start using your driveway.

Your concrete driveway Miami contractor won’t have to tell you this, but you should keep your driveway clean and dry all the time. Exposure to water for a period can weaken your concrete slabs.

Also, make it a habit to check your driveway for small chips and cracks. Small chips and cracks won’t disappear on their own, they can grow bigger and will eventually damage your concrete driveway.