Making Gaming Better With Blockchain

The gaming industry has always been one of the most innovative and rapidly evolving industries. And now, gaming simply can’t stand aside from new technological solutions brought by blockchain. There are several potential ways for the blockchain technology to change gaming and bring gamers a better experience.

1. Reducing processing fees.

Online games often include money transactions in various forms. Undoubtedly, payments are the way to support developers of the game you like. But payment processing takes money, and the sum paid for a game or in-game content includes 1-2% or even more paid for money processing. Some blockchain, Stellar for example, allows transacting money with almost zero fees, which means that developers can get more money.

2. Bringing additional security to gaming.

Once written in blockchain, the information can not be taken out, lost or altered. Imagine a system failure in collectible card game. The cards that took a great deal of time to collect might be gone. Blockchain will ensure, that the information stays secure. From a developer standpoint, blockchain will reduce the losses due to fraud. So, making the gaming more secure will improve the experience both for gamers and developers.

3. Rewarding gamers.

I am sometimes playing games rewards. But blockchain may bring even more ideas to rewarding the gamers for time or in-game interactions. For example, a game may issue special blockchain-based tokens with rewarding gamers for certain action. It might be a good way to attract new people to the game, which is good both for players and developers.

4. Enabling new economic models.

As blockchain makes peer-to-peer payments more transparent and secure. Opportunities given by blockchain may help game item trading will unleash its full potential and bring absolutely new gaming experience for MMO or mobile game fans. Traditionally, to ensure the flow of item trading third parties middleman fees were involved. Making peer-to-peer transactions more secure by implementing smart contracts will make trading or exchanging game items much easier.

5. Empowering the development.

Many solid blockchain projects, like NEO and Binance, invest in new game development projects and platforms. Making game development more decentralized might have a huge impact. More talented people will get involved with game development, and it would be easier to find co-minded specialists for creating new games. First of all, it will empower the indie-game development and help small groups of developers.

Gaming has a huge potential to get along with blockchain technology. So far, the adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry is not that wide as it will be in the future. Perhaps, the main factor slowing things down is relatively low awareness of good blockchain projects and technology behind them. To learn more about the blockchain projects that may provide groundbreaking tech and scalability for gaming, you can read the reviews on