Man, 27, is stabbed outside New Hampshire diner after squirting another customer with hot sauce

  • Ethan Fishbaugh allegedly stabbed Nicholas Abraham outside a diner in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, because Abraham squirted hot sauce at him 
  • The knife wound to Abraham’s abdomen required emergency surgery
  • The two men, both 27, have been arrested and are facing charges 

A man was stabbed after squirting hot sauce at another customer at a New Hampshire restaurant. 

Nicholas Abraham and Ethan Fishbaugh, both 27, have been arrested in connection with a fight at a diner in Portsmouth.

Abraham reportedly squirted hot sauce at Fishbaugh, sparking a fight inside Gilley’s restaurant just after midnight on May 29. 

‘At that point, the fight begins inside and the fight goes on for a short period of time until the cashier explains to them that: “You need to leave the building. The police are on the way,”‘ Detective Sgt John Perrachi, of the Portsmouth Police Department, said.  

Outside the restaurant Fishbaugh stabbed Abraham in the abdomen before concealing the knife, according to the Portsmouth Herald. 

Abraham, pictured, had to undergo emergency surgery after being knifed in the abdomen

Ethan Fishbaugh, left, allegedly stabbed Nicholas Abraham, right, outside a diner in New Hampshire in a fight that started when Abraham squirted hot sauce at Fishbaugh

Abraham’s wound required emergency surgery, and Fishbaugh was treated for a head injury.

Fishbaugh turned himself in to the police on Wednesday followed by Abraham on Thursday. 

Fishbaugh has been charged with four counts of second-degree assault, falsifying physical evidence and four misdemeanor counts of simple assault, according to police. 

Abraham’s has also been charged with several misdemeanors for simple assault and criminal threatening. 

The fight and stabbing occurred at Gilley's restaurant in Portsmouth, pictured above

The fight and stabbing occurred at Gilley’s restaurant in Portsmouth, pictured above