Man abuses a Sydney parking inspector for handing out tickets during the coronavirus pandemic

‘Go home, the world is falling apart, we’ve got no money’: Sydney parking inspector is abused as he continues to book drivers – despite the City closing pools, gyms and workplaces

  • A parking inspector copped a barrage abuse from a member of the community
  • The inspector was doing his job fining people when he was attacked by a man
  • Abuser told him to go home as people have no money during the coronavirus 
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A Sydney Council parking inspector (pictured) was abused for handing out fines during the coronavirus pandemic 

A parking inspector has copped a barrage of abuse from a furious bystander for continuing to hand out tickets during the coronavirus pandemic.

The man filmed himself approaching the Sydney Council worker and berating him for doing his job in an empty street in Barangaroo in the city centre, calling him a ‘f***ing pig’ who should ‘go home’.

‘Sydney City Council still issuing tickets, the world’s falling apart and this f**king pig is still giving tickets out,’ the man calls out as he films the officer crossing the road.

‘Look at this, the world is falling apart and he’s still giving tickets. What a f**kwit. Sydney City Council.’ 

The inspector refuses to bite back and attempts to change direction, but the man with the camera continues to follow him and hurl abuse. 

‘Go home you f**kwit, the world’s falling apart, people have got no money and you’re still giving out tickets,’ the attacker continues.

The inspector was followed by the abuser as he yelled at him

The offender was ignored by the inspector (pictured)

‘Sydney Council has no sympathy, zero sympathy for anybody,’ the aggressor calls out 

The man continues to follow the parking inspector and calls him a redneck as he zooms in on the camera in an attempt to reveal his identity. 


Did the parking inspector deserve the abuse?

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  • No 129 votes
  • Unsure 6 votes

‘Sydney Council has no sympathy, zero sympathy for anybody.’

‘You are tight a**hole, get on your f**king bike and go home. You’re a pig, you are an utter pig. You are a pig mate.’ 

The parking inspector refuses to react to the man, instead using a radio to report the abuse to a superior. 

‘Keep walking you dirty dog,’ the man continues to shout. 

At one point he mistakenly says ‘keep working’ before immediately correcting himself to ‘keep walking’.  

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Sydney City Council for comment.     

The abuser then repeatedly tells him to 'keep walking you dirty dog' and to find something else to do rather than fining people

The abuser then repeatedly tells him to ‘keep walking you dirty dog’ and to find something else to do rather than fining people