Man City boss Pep Guardiola insists players must ‘decide for themselves’ what to do about hectic schedules

  • Pep Guardiola has urged players to speak to federations about hectic schedules 
  • Vincent Kompany has backed him up and proposed a 60-game cap for players
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Pep Guardiola has urged Premier League stars to force change to their hectic schedule by demonstrating their concerns to FIFA.

The Manchester City manager has been outspoken in how the authorities are ‘killing’ players and was backed up by Burnley counterpart Vincent Kompany this week.

Kompany suggested that a 60-game cap could be imposed on players per season to prevent burnout

‘There is only one solution: if the players decide for themselves,’ Guardiola said. ‘To say to the organisations: “Stop, you have to change something”. After the statements, maybe FIFA and UEFA react.

‘Without the players, the show will not go on. Say: “No, we don’t take a step forward unless we change something”, to the federations.’

Pep Guardiola has called Premier League stars to speak out on burnout and hectic schedules

Burnley boss Vincent Kompany suggested a cap of 60 games per season for each player

Burnley boss Vincent Kompany suggested a cap of 60 games per season for each player

Guardiola — whose side are looking to continue their 100 per cent record at Wolves on Saturday without Rodri, Bernardo Silva, John Stones and Kevin De Bruyne — is concerned about the expanding Champions League and Club World Cup.

Yet he did say City have no plans to widen their small squad.

‘I always use NBA as an example,’ he added. ‘They play 80 games in a few months but then have four months off. You can regenerate. The problem here is that it is full on and after we have three weeks off.

‘The players have to influence. If the players want to change something then they are the only ones who can do it.’