Man reveals how he took things too far with a stripper on his bucks party

Guilty groom admits he took things ‘too far’ while alone with a stripper at his bucks party – and is in two minds about confessing to his bride ahead of their $30,000 wedding

  •  A man has revealed how he cheated on his wife-to-be at his bucks party
  • The man let his best friend pay for some one-on-one time with a stripper
  • He said he realised he had crossed the line after the sex act had been done

A groom-to-be has admitted he is riddled with guilt after allowing his best man to ‘buy him some alone time with a stripper’

A groom-to-be has admitted he is riddled with guilt after allowing his best man to ‘buy him some alone time with a stripper’ at his bucks party.

Oscar, 28, said he doesn’t think he cheated on his wife-to-be, noting he didn’t have ‘full sex’ with the stripper but asked for oral sex instead.

He said his ‘state of drunkenness’ should be considered because he was ‘very intoxicated’ – but still remembers most of the evening. 

Speaking with a shocked Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS 1065, the man said he had never crossed a line with partners previously but wanted to see what another woman was like.

He explained he had been in a relationship with his bride to be for a decade and is scared to tell her because he will lose all of the money he has spent on the day.

The man said he was drunk and doesn't think it counts as being unfaithful

The man said he was drunk and doesn’t think it counts as being unfaithful

‘I have spent $30,000 on the wedding and $15,000 on the ring and don’t want to lose that, it is years of savings,’ he said.

He asked for advice from callers  as to whether he should tell his partner the truth despite knowing it will end the relationship.

‘She has a lot of anxiety about cheating and has been cheated on before,’ he said.

Oscar also revealed his fiance had asked him directly how the party was and if anything had happened and he had lied.

‘I realised I had made a mistake once it was finished,’ he told Kyle and Jackie O.

Callers were divided – with most of the female listeners furious with Oscar.

‘Are you worried about her or the money? You need to tell her,’ one woman by the name of Ayeh said.


Should Oscar tell his wife-to-be about what happened with the stripper?

She added that the groom should decide why he is getting married and go forward without lies.

Another woman called to say every bride-to-be listening to the show would be trying to work out if Oscar was their partner.

But the men who phoned through to the show said he should keep it a secret and move on.

Some went as far to say that this behaviour ‘happens all the time’ at bucks parties and as long as you have solid friends who won’t tell it is fine’. 

‘Whatever you do don’t tell her and ruin these parties for the rest of us,’ one man said.

While another explained Oscar would soon get over the feelings of guilt.

Kyle shocked Jackie with his attitude towards bucks parties explaining they aren’t his thing.

He went on to say he didn’t even have one for his first marriage and wouldn’t be having one for his second because he didn’t want  to risk a similar scenario. 

Oscar decided he wouldn’t tell his partner after all and said he called the show while she was asleep so she will ‘never find out’.