Man sends woman a text only to realise it is police number

  • A would be Romeo has texted a woman only to find out the number is for police
  • Manjimup Police Station posted the text exchange to Twitter on Sunday
  • Wishing him ‘better luck next weekend’ police said he should have ‘cottoned on’

A would be Romeo has received a surprise after texting a woman’s phone number only to find out he had contacted the Manjimup Police Station.

The embarrassing photo posted to Twitter on Sunday shows the SMS exchange between the man and Constable Tim Jones.

Replying to the man’s short but sweet opener of ‘Hi,’ Constable Jones wrote, ‘Hello this is the Manjimup Police, can we help you?’

The SMS exchange Manjimup Police posted to Twitter on Sunday sent by the would be suitor

In the following exchange the confused man then explains a girl gave him this number after which Constable Jones wishes him ‘better luck next weekend.’

According to WA Today Constable Jones said the man ‘asked me a few more questions after that, asking me to prove that I’m the police.’

‘He must have been pretty disappointed.’

In a follow up Tweet Manjimup Police noted their number begins with 13 and that while they felt bad ‘he really should have cottoned on.’