Man shoots himself in the heart with a crossbow in Italy – but survives after emergency surgery 

Man shoots himself in the heart with a crossbow – but survives after emergency surgery

  • 47-year-old man shot himself through left ventricle and lung with a crossbow 
  • He was rushed to hospital conscious with the bolt sticking out of his chest
  • Surgeons managed to remove the arrow and he is now recovering in hospital 
  • Police say wound appears to be accident, but have not ruled out suicide attempt

An Italian man shot himself through the heart with a crossbow bolt, but survived and is now recovering in hospital. 

The 47-year-old, who has not been named, had been handling the weapon in a village in Aosta province, northern Italy, on Monday evening when it fired.

An 11ins (30cm) bolt ended up lodged through the man’s left heart ventricle and lung, with the end sticking out of his chest.  

A 47-year-old Italian man shot himself through the heart and lung with a crossbow bolt but survived after emergency surgery and is now recovering in hospital

A relative called medics who rushed him to hospital, where doctors decided not to remove the arrow from the still-conscious patient for fear of causing a fatal bleed.

Instead he was transferred to a specialist heart hospital in Turin via air-ambulance, where surgeons put him to sleep before diverting his blood through a series of machines, Aosta Sera reports.

After the bolt had been removed the blood was pumped back into his body, and he was brought round.

The man is now said to be recovering well in hospital, with the operation deemed a ‘complete success’.

Police say it appears the shooting was an accident, but are still investigating and have not ruled out a suicide attempt.