Man shoots his friend dead for taking a bite out of his girlfriend’s burger

A young man allegedly shot his friend dead for taking a bite out of his girlfriend’s burger, an investigation in Pakistan has concluded.

Suspect Daniyal Nazeer, named as the son of retired Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Nazir Ahmed Mirbahar, is believed to have attacked his friend as an argument rapidly spiralled out of control at the accused’s house in Karachi.

An inquiry into the events of February 8 concluded on Wednesday that Ali Keerio, the son of a sessions judge, was likely shot with a guard’s rifle after brazenly daring to take a large chunk out of Nazeer’s girlfriend’s burger.

The accused was reported to have ordered two ‘zinger burgers’ for himself and his partner, Shazia, before Nazeer was sent into a rage over his friend’s indiscretion.

Keerio sustained ‘severe injuries’ after being shot, per local media, and succumbed to his wounds on the way to hospital.

File photo of a chicken burger. The suspect is alleged to have attacked his friend after he ate half of his girlfriend’s meal in Karachi

Following a probe lasting more than two months, investigators concluded that the police officer’s son had likely lashed out over the burger incident.

‘Daniyal got into a serious fight with Ali over why he ate half of the burger without permission which was ordered for his girlfriend Shazia,’ the investigating officer confirmed, as reported by The Week. 

‘We have arrested the accused and he is in jail pending trial,’ the officer added. 

Ali Keerio was locally named as the son of Karachi District South sessions judge Javed Keerio.

A touching tribute written to Keerio the day after the incident recalled his ‘laughter and energy’, teaching skills in law and ‘irreplaceable’ love and respect.

A post, unsigned, added: ‘He was my little boy!

‘His smiles, his laughter and the will to keep everyone happy around were qualities that are in this day and age indispensable…

‘My little boy, you have indeed crossed the window of this world and are on the other peaceful side.

‘Hope to meet you soon on the other side.

‘Til then make merry with the angels and may you stay with utmost peace with the highest rewards in Jannah.’ 

Karachi has seen an upwards curve of reported violence in recent years.

Between 2022 and 2024, there were 250 fatalities and over 1,000 injuries reported from street violence alone.

Economic conditions, unemployment and lack of recreational opportunities are among reasons given locally for the surge in violence. 

A general view of Karachi, Pakistan in 2021

A general view of Karachi, Pakistan in 2021

In 2019, a French waiter was shot dead by an aggrieved customer allegedly because he had taken too long to deliver a sandwich.

The accused was said to have insulted the 28-year-old waiter of the Le Mistral restaurant in Noisy-Le-Grand before producing a 9mm handgun and shooting him, seriously wounding him.

Witnesses then called the police. Paramedics arrived soon after, but were unable to save the victim.

The customer had been waiting several minutes for the sandwich, according to witnesses, and allegedly produced the gun after becoming fed up with the delay.

The gunman reportedly fled the scene. Police confirmed the gist of the story but refused to elaborate, citing the ongoing investigation.