Massive meth binge of Charlie Mutten’s ‘ice addict’ mother revealed in court – before the schoolgirl was allegedly shot in the face by her stepdad who stashed her body in a barrel and dumped it in the bush

The Charlise Mutten murder trial has heard how the schoolgirl’s mother had a meth addiction and was found screaming, incoherent and shoeless in a road while on ice.

Justin Stein, 33, the former fiancé of Charlise’s mother Kallista Mutten, 40, is on trial at NSW Supreme Court in Parramatta accused of shooting her nine-year-old daughter.

He denies murdering Charlise but admits to disposing of the child’s body.

On Wednesday, the court heard Charlise’s mother was admitted to Katoomba Hospital in March 2021 in ‘a drug-induced state’.

Her case notes revealed bystanders had found her ‘sitting in the middle of a dead end road, rocking, repeating sentences, shaking, shivering, with no shoes’.

Ms Mutten could be heard screaming ‘I wasn’t there for my children. My children come first. Did I hurt anyone? I want to be there for my children’, the court was told.

She had been released from Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital four days earlier and medical records said she had been taking 17 points of methamphetamine daily.

Kallista Mutten (above) after her daughter Charlise was reported missing, but before the nine-year-old’s body was found in a barrel the following week

Detective Sergeant Bradley Gardiner, the officer leading the investigation, agreed in court that was ‘very high’, with one point equal to .1 milligram of the drug.

Ms Mutten had also previously pleaded guilty over a fatal car crash where she had been driving with methamphetamine in her blood, Det Sgt Gardiner told the court.

The court heard Ms Mutten had been using 17 points of ice daily for 24 out of the previous 28 days before her episode.

She had been taking ice since the age of 17, the jury was told, but had withdrawn from drugs while in jail between 2016 and 2019.

However she relapsed on her release and began injecting in October 2020.

She admitted to self harm and suicidal ideation while at Katoomba Hospital, and at RPA, she admitted she had ‘hypersensitivity to interpersonal conflict’ which caused her to ‘cut myself’.

‘I cut myself to try and stop them leaving the relationship and it tends to work,’ she told RPA staff.

 ‘That’s not right. It’s a form of manipulation … that paranoia can last for days.’ 

Hospital records revealed Ms Mutten claimed Stein suffered from schizophrenia, but had a support network comprising of his mother, his parole officer and a drug and alcohol counsellor.

She said that her daughter was visiting in several months time and would be staying for two weeks. Ms Mutten added: ‘I need to have a support system set up by then.’

Det Sgt Gardiner agreed oin court that meant ‘even though the daughter was coming down, she (Kallista) was still indulging in her addiction’.

At the time of her death, Charlise was visiting her mother during the school holidays at Stein’s family property at Mount Wilson in the NSW Blue Mountains. 

Stein, who was engaged to Ms Mutten at the time, is accused of killing the girl between 7.16pm on January 11 and 10.06am on January 12, 2022.

He was arrested on January 18 after Charlise’s body was found in a barrel on the Colo River, 58km from Mount Wilson.

On Monday, a phone call was played to the jury in which Stein claimed to his mother that Charlise had yelled ‘Mummy, no’ before she was shot by her mother who was on a three-day ice bender.

The court was played several phone calls Justin Stein allegedly made to his mother in the days and weeks after his arrest, where he says he witnessed the moment the nine-year-old was shot.

In the call, Stein’s mother, Annemie Stein, begged her son not to say the fatal shooting occurred on the family’s luxury Mount Wilson property.

In reply, Stein agreed and said instead it was  ‘on crown land, behind the shed, on the fire break’.

‘She (Charlise) ran down, screamed my name, then you heard ‘Mummy, no’ and then the second gunshot,’ the court heard him allegedly say in the recorded phone call made from behind bars.

Justin Stein is on trial for the alleged murder of Charlise Mutten, 9

He said that Charlise’s mother, Kallista Mutten, was ‘three days deep into an ice bender’ and ‘severe paranoia… you saw what it was getting like, I was losing my shit,’ the jury heard.

Several prison phone calls between Stein and his mother after his arrest were played to the court, in which she asked him to explain why Charlise’s body had been in a barrel in the back of his ute.

They also discussed the fact that Kallista was pregnant because, Stein explained, her medication ‘f***ed with the contraception’, the jury heard.

‘So it’s going to be born an ice addict,’ Annemie allegedly asked her son in the call.

Stein had earlier said in the call that  ‘I don’t want to have it’, but Annemie replied that Kallista ‘is going to have it’, the court heard.

Annemie also said to her son in the call that Kallista had once threatened that ‘she was going to take you and me down’, the court heard.

Stein allegedly told his mother that having Charlise’s body in a barrel in the back tray of his ute was Kallista’s idea and he hadn’t known the girl’s remains were in there until later, the jury heard.

‘That was her doing. She put it on back of (his vehicle). I picked up stuff to do cement work,’ he said in the record call played in court.

‘I get a phone call at Bunnings and she says ‘you’ve got Charlise with you’.

‘I was driving around with a f***ing girl in the back of my ute.’ 

Justin Stein claimed in a phone call that Kallista Mutten shot her daughter once, then after the girl cried out 'Mummy, no' shot her a second time

Justin Stein claimed in a phone call that Kallista Mutten shot her daughter once, then after the girl cried out ‘Mummy, no’ shot her a second time

Stein agreed with his mother that was why he drove around for five hours before the barrel was dumped, because he didn’t know what to do, the court was told.

‘I was panicked,’ he added in the call.

In another phone call to his mother in February 2022, Stein told her he had been only a couple of days away from splitting with Kallista when the shooting death happened, the court heard.

‘I was so close to getting rid of her, a couple more days and that girl would be on a flight,’ he said in the call played in court. 

‘Now I’m sitting in jail. If she (Kallista) doesn’t go to jail I will literally lose my s*** when I get out.’

Two NSW Corrective Services staffers who met Stein on arrival at Silverwater jail on January 20, 2022 testified he had insisted to them that Kallista killed her daughter.

Stacey Sweeney told the court she asked Stein ‘did you do it’, and he replied, ‘No. Her mum shot her twice. Her mum was on ice all week’.

‘I heard a shot then heard her screaming out for me and then I ran back and I heard another shot.’

In phone calls between Justin Stein (above) and his mother after his arrest and incarceration, he claims it was Kallista who shot Charlise while she was high on methamphetamine

In phone calls between Justin Stein (above) and his mother after his arrest and incarceration, he claims it was Kallista who shot Charlise while she was high on methamphetamine

Ms Sweeney said Stein had become ’emotional’ and she had handed him paper towels.

She said he added: ‘I keep having flashbacks. I’m not going down for that b****. Thank you for letting me vent, I’ve been trying to tell people since the day. No-one will listen.’ 

The jury was shown photographs taken inside the barrel where police found Charlise’s remains, blood-stained soil, sand, a tarpaulin and a white PVC hessian bag.

Charlise was dressed in black leggings or track pants, a skirt, a red top and a black hoodie.

Justice Helen Wilson instructed the jury that while the images might be confronting, none of them showed Charlise’s wounds and that they should not prejudice their minds one way or the other.

The jury also watched drone footage of police along the Colo River with a blue crime tent over the scene on January 18, 2022 when the girl was found wrapped up inside the barrel.

The court heard that Stein had bought three bags of ‘play sand’ and two bags of coarse sand from Bunnings at Marsden Park at about 5.30pm 13 January 2022.

He had partly used a Bunnings gift card to buy the items, and took another gift card as change. 

Previously, the court heard Stein used eBay to order a gun scope to be sent to his mother’s address which attached to a .30 calibre Winchester lever-action rifle.

This and another weapon, a BSA .22 calibre bolt-action rifle, had been stolen from a neighbour’s home near the Steins’ Mount Wilson property and were connected with the alleged shooting murder, the jury was told.

Police found both weapons wrapped up and either inside or alongside Coles and Woolworths bags along a fire trail not far from the Mount Wilson property, the court heard.

The trial continues.