Maxxtech 9mm: Is It a Good Option For Home Defense Use?

The debate concerning which ammo is ideal for home defense is one that has raged for years and it’s not likely to stop any time soon. Let’s take a close look at Maxxtech 9mm to determine its suitability.

This round has many advocates, but as with anything, are the people in favor of it overlooking any major disadvantages? Is it any good for this purpose?

Without wanting to give the game away right away, 9mm rounds are a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to protect themselves and their families. There’s a reason why the FBI and the police use 9mm weapons – they’re lighter, more maneuverable, have less felt recoil and typically you’ll get more rounds in each magazine.

What Exactly Does Self Defence Actually Mean?

Ok, so it’s not controversial to state that the definition of self-defense involves the act of protecting yourself and ‘standing your ground’. While outdoors, it’s defined as protecting yourself from physical assault, and while in the home, it’s about using your Maxxtech 9mm to prevent invaders from entering your property.

Dating back over 1,000 years to the height of the Anglo Saxon civilization, the self-defense law has been in place, with people being within their rights to take lethal action if necessary to protect life.

Other Benefits Offered by 9mm

As we determined earlier, there are a number of reasons why 9mm ammo is a great option for people wanting to protect their homes. Here are a few concrete reasons why smaller rounds like these are the best option.

  • Greater accuracy – when using smaller cartridges, you lose a little in the way of stopping power, but in a home invasion situation, that’s not your main concern. What IS your main concern is staying alive and that often means taking down the aggressor.

In the heat of a firefight, accuracy often plays a back seat with most not hitting the intended target. However, with less in the way of recoil, that hit rate is likely to go up.

  • More Rounds Per Magazine – another big advantage of using Maxxtech 9mm is the fact that you’ll get more rounds per magazine – something that could prove critical if the invader doesn’t flee straight away.
  • No over-penetration – a big problem that can occur when using larger rounds when protecting your home is over-penetration. What we mean by that is rounds going through their target and hitting other unintended people.

If you don’t want to have to replace your entire drywall or risk killing an innocent person next door, then 9mm is absolutely your best option.

A Great Choice For Home Protection

What you end up using is your own prerogative, but there’s no doubting that Maxxtech 9mm is a great choice for home defense.

It’s accurate, gives you more rounds, doesn’t over-penetrate, and still gives you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be more accurate when you really need to be. What’s not to love?