McDonald’s Drive-Thru bandit orders 200 hash browns

A hungry man who got angry when his order of 200 McDonalds nuggets was not on the menu has been convicted of drink-driving after being caught ‘doing laps’ around the fast food restaurant.

Kole Olsen, 30, pleaded guilty to the bizarre incident which happened in the early hours of November 6 when he woke up with an appetite.

Hornsby Local Court was told on Thursday that Olsen had been drinking at a party on Friday, November 5, and caught an Uber to his Epping home.

Drive-Thru nightmare: 

When he woke up early the next morning feeling hungry, Olsen went to the kitchen but tripped and hurt his toe.

As he applied ice to his injury, the court heard Olsen’s hunger increased, so he decided to drive to the local McDonald’s, 15 minutes away from his home.

The court heard after Olsen, who is a vegan, demanded 200 nuggets from staff only to be told they were serving the breakfast menu.

When the fast food restaurant staff rejected his order and explained nuggets were not on the breakfast menu at 4.20am, Olsen proceeded to yell at staff: ‘I want my f***ing nuggets’.

Olsen then went outside the store and hopped into his car, before driving through the drive thru and ordering 200 hash browns, the court heard.

When his request was again rejected Olsen began hurling abuse, telling staff: ‘You’re f***ing gay’.

He then did several more laps of the restaurant.

Driving to the front of the store, he was approached by a manager, who was forced to rush back inside the store and lock the doors when Olsen approached.

Concerned staff then called police who arrived to find Olsen still behind the wheel of his car.

The IT worker had a blood alcohol reading of 0.175 at the time of his arrest.

Olsen was handed a 12 month good behaviour bond, having already had his license suspended at the time of his arrest.

His lawyer told the magistrate her client, who is a New Zealand native, took full responsibility for his actions.