McDonald’s: Heated moment ugly feud erupts in Macca’s drive-thru queue over a ‘grotty’ act: ‘Shut your woman up!’

A heated clash erupted in a McDonald’s drive-thru queue after a man tossed rubbish out of his window.

Dashcam footage taken at the fast food restaurant in Boronia, in Melbourne’s east, shows an item being thrown out of the car in front before a woman in the rear vehicle shouts: ‘You f****** grots’.

Seconds later, an angry bearded man with a ponytail stepped out of his vehicle and and replied: ‘shut the f*** up, or I’ll throw your rubbish on your car’.

He then addressed the husband of the woman who made the remark.

‘We’ll take it out the front, c***…

‘Shut your f***** woman up, mate.’  


Was the woman right for calling out the litterbug?

Before getting back inside his car, the man again told the husband to ‘come out the front, ya dog.’

Despite the tense exchange, the lead car drove off without any punches being thrown. 

But before pulling out, the man again threw more rubbish out of the passenger-side window.

Commenters on Reddit backed the people in the second car, with one saying ‘This d***head threatened your wife! 100% report (to the police) …

‘Next time could be worse and this champ thinks he’s fine to act like it.’

Some, however, suggested the woman was a ‘Karen’ for complaining about the rubbish being thrown in the first place.  

The man in the second car responded to this, saying ‘My wife isn’t a Karen, she just hates sh*** behaviour and calls it out – a little too loudly.’

An angry bearded man with a ponytail (pictured) got out of the front car and walked back, saying ‘shut the f*** up, I’ll throw your rubbish on your car’