Meet the 100-year-old NSW fisherman who has spent his life trawling in the state’s roughest waters

Meet Santos, the 100-year-old fisherman who has spent his whole life trawling and still braves some of the roughest waters in Australia in a rusty old boat with his son twice a week

  • Lifelong commercial fisherman Santo, almost 101, still heads out twice a week
  • He and son Robert, 71, know the Hawkesbury River better than anyone else
  • The pair fish in Broken Bay, regarded as the roughest waters on the Hawkesbury
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A lifelong professional fisherman is still braving rough seas in a tiny old trawler at the ripe old age of 100.

Santo knows the Hawkesbury River better than anyone, having been on the water for much of his life as a dedicated commercial fisherman.

He continues to head out on the waters of Broken Bay north of Sydney with his son Robert, 71, two nights a week as his 101st birthday in November approaches.

Photos shared by NSW DPI Fisheries show the dedicated pair in their battered fishing gear before heading off to work on the boat which is oldest and smallest of the fleet.

‘They have both been professionally fishing all of their lives,’ the department posted on Facebook.

Veteran commercial fisherman Santo (left), soon to turn 101, pictured with son Robert, 71 still spends two nights a week on the Hawkesbury 

‘Nowadays they only fish two nights a week, mainly in Broken Bay, which is by far the roughest waters in the Hawkesbury and they’re on the smallest, oldest boat in the fleet. 

‘This is even more amazing when you consider Robert is 71 and Santo turns 101 in November.’

The department added both fishermen are always compliant with the rules and polite and courteous towards fisheries officers.

The post was quickly inundated with comments paying tribute to the father and son, wh have been hailed as national treasures. 

‘That’s incredible! Must be something in the water that keeps them young at heart,’ one fisherman posted.

Another added ‘Those two fellas would have some amazing knowledge of the waters they fish.

The pair's fishing trawler was described as the smallest, oldest boat in the fleet

The pair’s fishing trawler was described as the smallest, oldest boat in the fleet

Friends of the pair also weighed into the online discussion. 

‘ I personally know Robert and he is a very polite and very special man. I still can’t believe that Santi is still good to be out on the boat,’ one woman wrote.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted NSW DPI Fisheries for more details. 

Broken Bay is a large body of water which separates Sydney from the Central Coast and flows into the Tasman Sea.