Melania Trump meets her South Korean counterpart

President Trump warned North Korea that America stands ready to use military force in self-defense, but said he still hopes to avoid a war in the region

As Melania spoke with Kim Jung-sook, husband Donald held talks and a press conference with counterpart Moon Jae-in on the nuclear standoff building around North Korea.

President Trump said he ‘hopes to God’ America never has to use military force against Kim Jong Un, but added that he is willing to do so in order to protect the US and its allies.

North Korea’s nuclear ambitions ought to have been curbed 25 years ago Trump lamented, adding: ‘This is not the right time to be doing it, but that’s what I got. That’s what I got.’

Both presidents said they are hopeful that worldwide sanctions will bring North Korea to the table.

Trump said North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has to be aware of the United States’ ‘unparalleled strength,’ reminding him that three US aircraft carriers and a nuclear submarine would soon be in his backyard.

‘As we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action, the United States stands prepared to defend itself and it its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities, if need be,’ Trump threatened.

The U.S. Navy said Tuesday that aircraft carriers, guided-missile destroyers and submarines were on their way to the Pacific for a drill. No reason was provided for the command, CNN reported, although it was an evident show of force just as the president was visiting.

Trump said Tuesday during the Seoul press conference that North Korea ‘is a grave nuclear threat to South Korea and indeed the entire world.’

‘We cannot allow North Korea to threaten all that we have built, and we have built it very much together,’ Trump said. ‘We will together confront North Korea’s actions and prevent the North Korean dictator from threatening millions of innocent lives.’