Melania Trump to condemn bullying at United Nations lunch

First lady Melania Trump is calling on world leaders to ‘step up’ to improve the lives of children in a speech Wednesday.

She will deliver the remarks during a luncheon at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in New York. The White House says the audience will include spouses of world leaders, among others.

 All business: Melania Trump was at her husband’s side as he arrived at the United Nations on Tuesday. She is to speak Wednesday at a luncheon where she will condemn bullying

In prepared remarks, Trump says that children are often ‘hit first and hardest in any country’ when it comes to drug addiction, bullying, poverty, disease, trafficking illiteracy and hunger.

She says, ‘We need to step up, come together, and ensure that our children’s future is bright.’

Politico reported that she will say: ‘No child should ever feel hungry, stalked, frightened, terrorized, bullied, isolated or afraid, with nowhere to turn.’

Melania Trump announced in November that she would make cyber bullying a focus of her tenure as first lady. 

‘Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers, Trump said at the time.

Asked this week whether she thought Melania Trump was doing enough to pursue her cause, former presidential candidate / former first lady Hillary Clinton responded: ‘No, no and, look, I don’t think anybody is doing enough on cyberbullying,’ Mic reported.

The first lady’s remarks come a day after her husband urged the UN to live up to its responsibilities and confront ‘rogue regimes’ like Iran and North Korea.

Then, in a tactic that can be found on the school yard, President Trump referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as ‘Rocket man,’ a term that mocks his repeated missile tests despite UN condemnations. 

President Donald Trump spoke to the General Assembly Tuesday, vowing that he would ‘totally destroy’ North Korea if forced to defend the U.S. or its allies.