Melbourne cafe targeted by ‘angry mob’ after charging a $1 ‘heating fee’ for a muffin – as Aussies reveal the hidden charges they’ve been hit with amid the cost of living crisis

A café owner has slammed ‘rogue vigilantes’ for sending death threats and trying to destroy their business after a man was charged $1 to have his raspberry and white chocolate muffin heated up.

A diner took to Facebook to complain about the surprise fee on his $7 muffin at a Melbourne café and claimed the first he knew of it was when he saw it in black and white on his receipt.

His post went viral with hundreds of people slamming café etiquette and urging him to go to the ACCC.

But the cafe’s owners have slammed the customer for choosing to vent on Facebook, and claim the whole thing ‘is a bit over the top’ and could have been solved in person.

‘We do not nor have we ever charged for any heating of our wonderful baked treats,’ the café spokes person told FEMAIL.

A young man has been left hot under the collar after he was charged a ‘heating fee’ for accepting a waitresses kind offer to warm up his muffin

‘Unfortunately this has become a mountain of an issue that could have easily been resolved without a lynch mob caused by negligence at the hands of an influential keyboard warrior who ironically sells the idea of spiritual life practices and being grounded yet flipped out over a muffin,’ they said.

‘A f***ing dollar to heat my muffin? It’s cr*p like this that just makes you shake your head and question where it is all going,’ the customer wrote in his original post.

‘The waitress came over and asked if I would like a second coffee. I said yes, but also said I wouldn’t mind a muffin as they looked delicious. With some friendly banter we agreed the guilty pleasure of the white chocolate muffin would be worth it. Then I was asked if I would like it heated. Cold Melbourne morning, sure why not.’

The café claimed that they have 'never charged' a heating fee and the whole ordeal had been overstated - encouraging people to take aim at the small business (pictured, the muffins)

The café claimed that they have ‘never charged’ a heating fee and the whole ordeal had been overstated – encouraging people to take aim at the small business (pictured, the muffins)

He included the receipt which showed his $4.50 long black, the $7 muffin and a ‘Heat Standard’ fee of $1. 

‘The food and service was great, but never forget how you leave people for it’s the last experience or in the case the last taste you will leave in their mouth,’ he fumed.

His post had more than 870 comments before it was deleted, and more than 1,000 reactions.

Some of those who saw it went on to slam the café, sending them messages, commenting on posts on Instagram and calling their business phone. 

‘It’s a sad world when a local café that aims for nothing more then customer satisfaction and community values to be upheld gets threatening messages from rogue vigilantes about wanting to see us go out of business over a muffin being prepared and served to quality standards,’ the cafe’s owners said.

The café responded to the growing backlash online by announcing their muffins would be free on Tuesday.

The man said the waitress never mentioned anything about a heating fee (stock image)

The man said the waitress never mentioned anything about a heating fee (stock image) 

‘We are treating you to a mindful muffin today while they last,’ they captioned a photo of the baked goods on Instagram.

They also made a post calling for everyone to ‘be kind’ which featured the hotly debated raspberry and white chocolate muffins.

‘We start each day at [redacted] with kind hearts and happy faces and the enticing perfume of freshly baked treats that make our mornings all the more sweeter. Then YOU walk through the door and the magic begins,’ the post reads.

‘Tomorrow is a new day, Tomorrow is for YOU day! A new day to make you feel special, A new chance to be mindful and lead with kindness,’ they continued.

‘Come in and get a complimentary muffin on Tuesday 28/5 to enjoy with your morning brew!’

The man claimed his main problem with the $1 fee was that he didn’t know about it. 

‘They just add it to the bill without telling you,’ he said.

While he understands margins are tight with the cost-of-living crisis and expenses ‘going up’, he says customers should get a heads-up about extra charges.

Others debated the cost of the muffin itself.

‘For $7 it must have been the best muffin ever – I would never pay more than $5 and even then it would have to be loaded,’ one woman said.

‘I would go red there and then. I would be furious,’ said another.

Others advised the man to go to the ACCC because charges should be made apparent to customers.

‘They are supposed to say “that will be an extra $1 is that ok?”,’ they advised.

The man said he would be looking at his receipts more closely from now on – adding most people don’t pay attention when they are at cafes.

After hearing the story people revealed their own experiences with ‘hidden’ fees.

‘Went to a seafood restaurant in Melbourne and after a meal but before dessert we were offered ‘wet ones’ moisture wipes to wipe our hands,’ one woman said.

‘I was impressed until we got charged $1 each for the wipes.’

Another cranky customer revealed a waitress once brought them a lovely shortbread cookie as they finished their breakfast at a Melbourne café.

‘I got to the till and she had added $12 to the bill,’ they said, aghast. 

Another claimed they were charged ‘$3 for sustainability’ at a hair salon. 

‘They don’t tell you, they just put it on the bill at the end,’ she said.