Melbourne school girl forced to hide in cupboard and ring triple-zero

A 10-year-old girl was forced to hide in a cupboard and call the police after her house was broken into by an armed man.

Kate Luong’s family had only left for half an hour to collect dinner on May 31 when a man used a brick to smash a window of their Springvale property about 5.30pm.

The St Anthony’s Primary school student hid herself in a bedroom cupboard before calling triple-zero, The Herald Sun reported. 

Kate Luong’s brother (pictured right) said when they came home the front door was open and all their lights were on 

‘They’re in the house, they broke the glass door,’ Kate can be heard tearfully telling the operator during the recorded call.

‘I’m in the house. I’m in the room near the backyard. I locked myself in and I’m inside a closet,’ she said. 

When asked by the operator to describe what she had seen, the 10-year-old gave a thorough description of the man.

‘Yes I saw (him). A man with black hair, he was wearing gloves, he has like a black jacket on. (He’s aged) around the mid-30s to 40s,’ she said.

The operator reassured her police would be there soon and reminded her to stay hidden.

‘The police have already been notified, you’ve done a really good job,’ he said. 

‘Don’t hang up.’ 

Police attend the scene and charged a 46-year-old Springvale man

Police attend the scene and charged a 46-year-old Springvale man

‘Please come quick,’ she asked him.  

Kate’s brother, Mike, told The Leader that her family returned home to find the front door open and all the lights on. 

‘I saw two policemen running around the court trying to figure out which house,’ he said.

‘I called them to come over and they got the guy in the living room and walked out.’ 

Dandenong crime investigation unit detective Senior Constable Steve Woodhouse said that the police had arrived on the scene within two minutes and had found the man armed with a knife and a screwdriver.  

Police charged a 46-year-old Springvale man with aggravated burglary, possessing a controlled weapon and breaching bail.

He will face the Dandenong Magistrates’ Court later this month.

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