Melbourne ‘serial vapist’ vape shop slammed for ‘serial rapist’ name playing on horrific crime

Vape shop is slammed after turning an horrific crime into a pun for its sign: ‘Trying to brand that as cool is unacceptable’

  • Vape shop in Melbourne’s CBD has provoked fury
  • People have branded it a ‘tasteless rape pun’

A vape shop outside a busy shopping centre has been slammed for branding itself with a ‘tasteless’ reference to one of the worst kind of criminals. 

The ‘Serial Vapist’ store sits on Swanson Street, just outside Melbourne Central shopping centre, and provoked ire online after a photo of its frontage was shared on Reddit. 

Hundreds of people poured scorn on the supposed play on ‘serial rapist’ – a criminal who has sexually assaulted a number of victims.  

‘That is in astonishingly poor taste,’ wrote one user. 

‘Report it to the council.’

Hundreds of people have branded the shop ‘tasteless’ 

‘Deeply unsettling, especially as it’s right in your face next to the lovely bagel / bingsu / crepe shops,’ wrote another.

‘Really adds a disgusting touch to an otherwise sweet corner of Melbourne central.’

 ‘Rape is not funny. This pun is tasteless, and so is vaping,’ another commented. 

‘Melbourne, known for its great coffee, nazis and tasteless rape puns,’ one added.

Last month, the Victorian Independence Movement’s Twitter page accused the store of ‘rape culture marketing’ and called on Melbourne’s deputy lord mayor Nicholas Reece to act.  

‘Can you do something about it?’, they wrote.

‘It isn’t who we are as a city or a country.’

The shop is owned by a company called KANJO7 PTY LTD, which is listed on the Australian Business Register.  

A spokesman for the Melbourne Central shopping centre, which is run by The CPT Group, said the vape shop had nothing to do with it and was owned by a separate entity.

Despite that, they had already received five complaints about it on Tuesday.

Denis Ryan, centre manager, said he was aware of the offensive signage and confirmed that it is ‘not located within Melbourne Central and is not a tenant of The GPT Group’. 

‘As such, we are not in a position to raise these concerns with the retailer,’ he said.

‘This type of signage on display would not be approved at Melbourne Central, nor at any other retail asset managed by The GPT Group. 

‘Melbourne Central management endeavours to make our centre a safe, vibrant and welcoming one for all customers, retailers and employees.’

Daily Mail Australia has approached Melbourne City Council for comment.