Melissa was concerned her daughter was being bullied at a Queensland school so she fitted her with a listening device: what she heard next left her mortified

A concerned mother has pulled her children out of school after claiming she recorded a teacher berating her daughter and calling her a ‘liar’. 

Melissa* had become worried for her 5-year-old daughter, Stacey* after she started to come home from her Queensland school shaking and crying.

Believing she was being bullied by other students, Melissa attempted to get in contact with the school to find a resolution, but to no avail.

Taking a page out of a spy novel, she decided to sew an audio recording device into Stacey’s scrunchie to get to the bottom of what was happening with her daughter.

After sifting through hours of audio, Melissa claimed she heard the voice of a female teacher yelling at her daughter and accusing her of kicking a student, lying and harassment.

A concerned mother has caught a teacher berating her five-year-old daughter Edie and accusing her of lying and harassment on a secret audio recorder (stock image)

‘Unfortunately… you lie all the time through your face,’ a female voice can be heard saying on the audio tape obtained by A Current Affair.

‘Lies, kicking, disrespect, defiance and harassment. 

‘You kick people out in the street, what happens to you?’ she asked another student.

‘Um, you get arrested’ the other child replied.

Stacey was then asked: ‘So do you want that? Would you like to spend your time when you’re 10 years old kicking people and getting picked up?’

Another student could be heard asking the woman on the audio clip if they were ‘feeling okay’ to which she responded by saying they were frustrated by having her lunch break disrupted.

‘It’s really frustrating when I come back from not even a lunch break, which I still have 10 minutes on my break to eat my food, to find out that you’re kicking people,’ she said.

‘Apologise now. And think about seriously the amount of stuff I have to do now to say you kicked…for no reason. It’s not on!’

She then berated Stacey for being behind on an art project despite having taken two days off of school because her grandmother had passed away.

‘It’s at the point where I can’t catch you up anymore. If you haven’t done them, it’s cause you’re not here,’ she said. 

Melissa said of all of the comments she claimed were made by the teacher, calling Stacey a liar was the most hurtful.

‘The comment that really upset me the most was ‘you lie from your face’. I would say that’s verbal abuse, she’s five,’ she said.

Stacey said that she’s ‘sad’ and has since become isolated from other students.

She has since pulled both of her daughters from the Queensland school, the only one  in a town of about 800, and called for the teacher to be sacked (stock image)

The mother claims the school didn’t inform her of any incident involving Stacey that day and has refused to allow her to get in contact with the teacher.

In response, she has pulled both Stacey and her older sister out of the school and called for the teacher to be sacked.

‘There is no higher priority for the department than the safety and wellbeing of students,’ Department of Education said in a statement.

‘The department expects all employees to act appropriately and with exemplary ethical standards, and takes action when these expectations are not met.’

‘The department is aware of a recent allegation made against a staff member of a state school.’

‘Allegations against staff are dealt with in accordance with departmental guidelines.’ 

Daily Mail Australia contacted the school for comment.

*Names have been changed