Men’s Health Trends in the Future

Men are stated to have a lower life expectancy rate than the female gender. This lower expectancy rate varies from country to country. Often, though, the gap in life expectancy rate is wider in lower-income countries than higher-income countries. However, when humans’ health is discussed, the matter of the health of men is largely ignored.

The women suffer a lot of women-only afflictions, and so do the men. The case is made worse with the societal expectations placed on the men. Aside from the societal expectations placed on men, there are also the behavioural tendencies they have been taught all their lives, making them act strong and ignore their health challenges.

Men suffer from the men-only afflictions and then suffer from their actions forced on them by society. When men suffer from men-only diseases, they do not go for treatment, and when they suffer from general illnesses, they take time before they go for treatment. This results in the higher life expectancy rate of the women.

The men are generally non-conforming, uncompromising, and daring, so they tend to come to encounter danger than the female gender. Men are better risk takers than ladies, which puts them in a wide range of danger than the ladies. This is part of the societal expectations as men are expected to be strong, bold, resilient. This leads to a shorter life span and health risk.

The Health of Men

There are men-only afflictions and health risks just like there are that of women. These are:

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manopause
  • Delayed and premature ejaculation
  • (Others)

These afflictions in men in one way or the other contribute to affecting the performance of their health. The case of low sperm count, for instance, affects the psychological well-being of the men as, in most cases, they are not able to impregnate their spouses. Asides from the low probability of the man being unable to impregnate their spouses, there are also higher chances that the men may die younger than the other men.

For erectile dysfunction, apart from the unhappiness and lack of satisfaction, the men will be suffering together with their wives. Erectile dysfunction in the 40s can also indicate the possibility of heart disease ailment in the future.  Erectile dysfunction becomes the issue in the body that foretells the issue of heart disease.

There is also the case of delayed and premature ejaculation that has no link to the future, but it is very detrimental to the happiness of the population of couples. This one is not a big affliction as it has been proved to be behavioural. The men suffering this can visit their doctors and learn the best way to control their ejaculations.

Future Trends of the Health of Men

There are also increasing cases of men committing suicide more than their female counterparts. There have always been higher mental ill-health cases among men than women, even though women are more susceptible to depression than women. As the better risk takers and trained to take hard decisions, the men go to a greater length of committing suicide than the women are more into depression.

In the future trends of men’s health, the need to address the psychological trauma suffered by the men shall be part of the discussion. The societal expectations and behavioural tendencies that are taught to men should be reduced or disengaged. With humans getting more emotional and troubled, there needs to be increased psychological care, especially to the men who often refuse to get psychological help.

The change in the way men are trained would also help get men to seek health care frequently as they have to admit that they are sick. 60% of men wait until their health deteriorates badly before they seek health care. This will enhance the life expectancy of the men.

In the cases of men who come to suffer erectile dysfunction and low sperm count, they have to realize that they would need to be going for a check-up regularly to avoid prostate cancer and heart diseases. There are treatments for these in health centres. However, even as this article has stated that people who discover they have low sperm count may die younger than the other men, it is expected these men try to live healthier and happier. Eat right. Exercise. Relax better. Sleep better. These basic actions make one live longer and better.

The men should accept that for them to live longer, they would need to perform better actions. With the idea of remote work being promoted extensively, men would have to exercise better. Unlike before, most men do not check their weights or exercise, but that has got to change if they expect to live longer.

New Health Trends Rising to Curb These Problems

To curb these issues, there are many men health trends in modern medical technology to watch out for including:

Sleep Aid Products: There has been a rise in sleep aid products with many companies cashing out. In fact, there have been predictions by experts that by 2023, this industry will raise annual revenues of about $100 billion.

Digital Health: This consists of various aspects like body scanners, medical robots, and human joint replacement. It is expected that these medical robots will become the norm as they will aid in the delivery of meals and medical supplies, among many other functionalities.

CBD Products: Now, even more than ever CBD is growing as an effective means to deal with some popular illnesses. There has been talking of cannabis-infused drinks which are to be launched soon.


Men’s health is often ignored in terms of when health matters of genders and age brackets are discussed in the human environment. The men are not indispensable as people often thought – as they men are equally prone to health challenges by the general illnesses and equally by men-only illnesses.

It is a case of the men accepting to take care of themselves and live longer with society agreeing to their terms like championed recently by some men organizations.