Mercury is in Retrograde until Octoer 9 but you can improve your luck with these affordable charms

Mercury, what? Accessory brands have some seriously cute ways for us to beat the chaos of Mercury in Retrograde – and prices start at just $12

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If you’re noticing a few more obstacles in your way and life not going exactly to plan, it could be down to Mercury being in Retrograde from now through to October 2.

The period in time in which Mercury appears to be moving backwards, can cause technology to go wrong, things to run on different times and even higher levels of anxiety as Mercury is responsible for the smooth running of the nervous system.

But there are pieces of jewelry, candles and bath products designed to offset the Mercury Retrograde and bring us back to the center. A bonus is that the jewelry looks seriously cute and the candles smell so good you’ll want to burn them all year round to fragrance your home with uplifting and calming aromas.

As seven is a lucky number, here are seven of our favorite pieces to clear up the chaos left by the movements of Mercury. 

Depicting the five fingers of The Divine’s open right hand, and accentuated with the protective Evil Eve symbol, this will bring good fortune and protect you from negative energy.

 The red string signifies the life force of blood, courage and strength. 

Plus, it looks super cute as part of a bracelet stack. 


When you’re trying to make progress in life, you can’t afford to let the negative energy of others hold you back. That’s why powerful protection stones like Amethyst, Black Onyx, Turquoise, Tourmaline and Pyrite are important tools to absorb internal negativity and shield you against the dark energy of others.

 Hold tight to these gemstones for protection to have both peace of mind and a secure spirit.

They come in a gift box and a protective bag to make the experience extra special. 


Karma & Luck’s  stunning necklace is available for all signs of the zodiac.

As Libra is happening while Mercury in Retrograde and one of the sign’s most affected, the pendant is here to bring all Libras a touch of independence, stepping aside from the constant seeking for justice and equality.

It promises to help restore balance in all areas of life, you just have to be patient.


 Herbal baths help us calm our anxieties, relax and release stress while revitalizing our energy and memory.

This delicious blend is a pleasure for all the senses as it looks, smells and feels amazing on the skin.

The mix of ultra epsom salt, Himalayan sea salt, organic pink roses, organic lemongrass, organic peppermint is natural and great for all skin-types.


Stargaze with a necklace personalized to your star sign. Each of the 12 zodiac signs have different star alignments and you can wear yours close to your chest to protect yourself from harm.

This necklace features a classic disc pendant on a delicate, Italian Singapore chain from AMYO’s signature O Collection. 


The special Libra candle comes in a beautiful box making it a great gift for your Libra bestie. But there are 12 candles for all star signs and each are equally stunning and intoxicatingly scented.

The Libra scent consists of lotus and calming lavender drifting along a serene bank of bamboo and cedar. 


A gold dipped star sign necklace studded with cubic zirconias will add some sparkle to your life as well as balance.

On an adjustable 15 to 20 inch chain, it will complement layers of necklaces in many ways as well as provide some calm and positive energy to the Mercury Retrograde chaos.