Methods of making a deposit in an online casino in Japan

Online casinos in Japan still require you to deposit funds in order to play for real money. Japanese online casinos support multiple, almost countless casino deposit methods so you need to choose the one you will like.

Let’s discuss the most popular options players can use for gambling at online casinos. These can be used for deposits and withdrawals and are almost always available online.

Payment Options for Japanese Players

Below are 4 options Japanese online casinos almost always support. Thanks to these you can play all games, win and even use deposit bonuses. We can even add that they make casino gambling possible and simple.

EcoPayz: EcoPayz is a fast, reliable, and extremely secure option. Casinos with this brand are well-known across the country. It is a deposit method that allows you to deposit $30 (minimum) or withdraw $50 (minimum). The maximum amount is $5000 in both cases.

Depositing is done instantly while casinos still need some time to process withdrawals. You may have to wait up to 4 hours. However, there are no fees here which is a nice thing. In addition, it can be used for top sports in Japan as well, which is important for bettors. You can deposit real money in 45 different currencies. Every single, popular casino will support it. This is a completely online ready processor.

Venus Point: Venus Point is known as the best alternative when EcoPayz and Neteller are not there. It can be used for deposits and withdrawals. Adding funds accepted are between $30 and $5000 while withdrawals are between $50 and $5000. There are no fees here. Your casino account will always be full. In addition, you also get points that can be converted into cash. You can use it for various purposes online.

Debit Cards: These are extremely appealing as well. The minimum amount accepted for adding funds to a casino is the same as with the aforementioned examples. However, you can add a maximum of $500 when your account is not verified or up to $1000 once the verification is completed. Rates mean that you have some fees when getting a card etc.

But, when using it for casino gaming, there are no fees of any kind. This is one alternative recommended to be used by experts. One of the criteria for choosing an online casino is to see if it accepts this alternative. Now you can see how desirable it is.

The best examples are Visa and MasterCard. These make gaming at a casino much better and safer. The online experience is stunning. A debit card is also something you already have.

Credit Cards: Online casino games are supported by these cards as well. Once again, Visa and MasterCard give the best alternatives. The best credit card is the one that will help you add funds to your account immediately, which is the case with most of them. Now you can enjoy Blackjack and enjoy a massive jackpot with a bit of luck. These are much faster than bank wire transfers.


A casino will also accept other deposit methods that are known strictly as e-wallets. For these, you can use a wide range of processors that are suitable for online gambling. These are extremely fast and compared to bank transfers take minutes. A good thing is that almost all online casinos will accept these.

In addition, many online sites such as casinos give special bonuses when these are used. Other casinos will exclude bonus offers for some e-wallets so take a deep look. Online casino Japan will almost always accept these processors.

iWallet: iWallet is a bit futuristic and appealing e-wallet. It has a prepaid card that will be delivered to you once you complete the registration process. It is not free but it is affordable to use. You will transfer funds to the card from an online account and you can use it accordingly. This means that you can use it for live games, activate bonus offers, shopping online and in the world and so much more.

If you are looking for websites that accept iWallet (more on that later), check out the PikachuCasinos and see all casinos sites accepting iWallet. Each casino is tested and reviewed by professionals, so you can get a complete picture of what to expect. This is one of the alternatives players like for depositing funds. You can play great games and also play slots using this method. Keep in mind that iWallet is a bit of a new option to some so you may want to learn more about it.

Neteller: This is one of the best-known processors for online sites with gambling themes. Almost all casinos will accept it. All casinos allow you to use it for adding and moving the funds away. Thanks to it you can enjoy slots and a player enjoys an ultimate level of security.

PayPal: Yes, PayPal is used for online perks as well. One of these is gambling. A casino with this processor is safe and fast to use. All transactions are completed instantly. You can use it for shopping, paying for services and so much more. All top online casinos do support it.


Each payment method from the list will help you play excellent games and enjoy as much as you can. Take your time and decide which one is the best for casinos and which one you really want to use. After that, simply enjoy and have a great time. Playing casino titles is all about it.