Mexican troops reportedly kill 8 after being ambushed

  • Mexican army soldiers ambushed while on patrol Saturday in state of Guerrero
  • Attackers appeared to be wearing fake army uniforms and driving army vehicles
  • Ambush occurred in a zone where the Familia Michoacana drug gang is active

Eight assailants and one soldier have been killed in a clash that began with gunmen dressed in camouflage ambushing an army patrol in the Mexican state of Guerrero, security officials said.

The soldiers came under attack late Saturday near the community of Pachivia, in a zone where the Familia Michoacana drug gang is active, state security spokesman Roberto Alvarez Heredia said.

He says the attackers were using what looked like copies of Mexican army uniforms and vehicles. 

One Mexican soldier and eight ambushers were killed in a gun battle Saturday as troops patrolled an area where drug cartels are active (file photo)

One soldier died and another was wounded before the troops returned fire, willing eight.

Troops secured two vehicles belonging to the attackers and turned them over to investigators, local newspapers reported. 

Alvarez Heredia says troops are searching for the rest of the attackers.