Michael Jordan parties along to Chicago Bulls’ legendary theme song in footage that resurfaces of him enjoying himself with a drink in hand next to wife Yvette Prieto

  • ‘Sirius’ was the soundtrack for Michael Jordan and the Bulls in the 1990’s
  • And the NBA legend loved hearing the song recently while at a bar
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Michael Jordan won his final NBA championship 25 years ago, but the prevailing song from that dominant Bulls era is still a hit with him and fans alike.

Jordan was recently seen partying with his wife Yvette Prieto at an outdoor bar when the establishment started playing ‘Sirius’ over its speakers.

The song was used to introduce the Bulls’ starting lineup at home during their legendary run of success in the 90’s, and it’s safe to say that Jordan appreciated the gesture at the bar. 

The six-time NBA champion smiled wide as he raised his fist in the air and Prieto danced alongside him.

Other patrons at the bar also got off their feet to dance along. 

Michael Jordan loved to hear the theme song from his iconic Bulls days played at a bar

Jordan won six NBA championships with the Bulls, with the last coming in 1998

Jordan won six NBA championships with the Bulls, with the last coming in 1998

The video has resurfaced soon after Jordan was named to the Forbes’ 400 list, becoming the first athlete to be included on the exclusive list. 

In August, he sold his majority stake in the Hornets to a group led by Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin for a reported $3billion.

Jordan owned the franchise for 13 years and bought it for just $275million, meaning he made an enormous profit on its sale.

Of course, the Bulls legend also generates millions of dollars through his iconic Jordan Brand – which is owned by Nike.

Jordan’s most recent yearly royalty check from Nike was reportedly worth around $260m.

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