Michigan mom stole $200k from kids in life insurance

A mother of two in Michigan has admitted to embezzling money from her daughters in funds they received from their father’s life insurance after he died in 2014.

Lori Jean Glencer, 47, of Lansing, was the girls’ financial conservator when her ex-husband died. She was hit with two counts of embezzlement after her daughters’ accounts dwindled from $280,000 to $55,280 in under three years.

Glencer had altered several court documents and left a voicemail with a court official apologizing according to court testimony by Eaton County Sheriff Deputy Zachary Sutfin testify.

Lori Glencer is accused of stealing over $200,000 in funds earmarked for her daughters from their father’s life insurance policy pay-out 

Glancer in her mugshot i out on $25,000 bail and faces up to 20 years in prison

Glancer in her mugshot i out on $25,000 bail and faces up to 20 years in prison

Suftin told the court ‘She thought she could get caught up on some bills, that she was just so far behind and she had planned to put the money back in the account,’ according to the Lansing State Journal. 

‘She felt what she did was in the best interest of her daughters,’ John Deming, an attorney representing Glencer said. ‘None of her actions were malicious in nature.’

Her daughters were under 18 when Glencer’s ex-husband Daniel Glencer died. They could access the $280,000 from his life insurance policy once they turned 18.

When Lori Glencer was granted conservatorship she was supposed to deposit the money into restricted bank accounts, equally, for both of her daughters.

She would only be allowed to take money out for major expenses approved by the probate judge.

Suftin said Glencer received the $280,000 but told the court she received $250,000. 

She was ordered to deposit the $250,000 into the girls’ accounts, but only deposited $120,000 between the two accounts. 

Glencer over the next two years received approvals to take out tens of thousands for expenses like school tuition, braces and cars according to the State Journal.

In 2016, the credit union handling the accounts contacted the court after they suspected she altered a document on one of the court orders granting a withdrawal. 

Glancer's daughter's funds totaled $280,000 and dropped to just $38,604 in less than three years

Glancer’s daughter’s funds totaled $280,000 and dropped to just $38,604 in less than three years

She was supposed to take out $7,620 to pay for Catholic school tuition, but Suftin says the order instead read $17,620. 

The accounts dropped to $38,604 before Glancer was removed as conservator.

One daughter turned 18 in 2016, was left with just $16,676, records show. 

Glancer is free on $25,000 bond and faces up to 20 years if convicted.   

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