Mick Fanning’s brother’s cause of death revealed after surf legend suffered a third family tragedy

  • Ed Fanning’s cause of death has been revealed 
  • The brother of surfing legend Mick died in Madagascar 
  • Mick posted a heartfelt tribute on Thursday 

Fresh details have emerged about the death of Mick Fanning’s older brother, Ed, after the surfing legend suffered another shocking family tragedy.

Ed, 48, was Mick’s last surviving brother and passed away this week in Madagascar, where he worked as a surf guide.

World champion surger Mick paid an emotional tribute to his older brother on Instagram, saying: ‘You introduced us all to surfing, the joy and freedom of riding a wave. The meaning of going to the ends of the earth to find waves ….’

Mick, one of four brothers, has seen his three siblings die prematurely after Peter died in 2015 while Sean died in a car crash at Coolangatta in 1998.

And now Kirra Surfriders Club, where the Fanning brothers were members, explained the cause of Ed’s death. 

The cause of death of Mick Fanning’s brother has been revealed

Edward Fanning, 48, died in Madagascar earlier this week

Edward Fanning, 48, died in Madagascar earlier this week

‘It’s with a very sad and heavy heart that we say goodbye to one of our great and beloved KSC members, Ed Fanning,’ the club posted on its Facebook page.

‘As many of you know, Ed had been living and working in Madagascar since Covid and loved the place so much he took citizenship over there.

‘Ed received a cut to his foot which unfortunately got severely infected to the point he had to be rushed by boat to the nearest major city an hour away, to be in hospital.

‘The hospital did everything they could to help Ed but the infection was too strong and Ed’s heart gave away.

‘Our biggest condolences go out to the whole Fanning family in this very difficult time.’

The club added that Blair Rodgers, another Kirra member, was by Ed’s side throughout his ordeal and has been a ‘massive help’ to the family. 

Mick’s tribute, posted on Tuesday night, read: ‘Ed, love you my brother,’ he began. ‘You taught me so much over the years about everything that life could deal up. The good and the bad you were my teacher. You introduced us all to surfing, the joy and freedom of riding a wave. 

His surf club says that his heart 'gave away' following a serious infection

His surf club says that his heart ‘gave away’ following a serious infection

‘The meaning of going to the ends of the earth to find waves to following a passion in the belief that surfing could be that ultimate job. As the years went on you would fall in and out of the ocean but your pure talent would always shine through. 

‘To where you ended up in teaching kids the joy of riding a wave. With out you I’m not sure what the world would of made of me so Thank you.

‘Ed you had the biggest heart and were too loyal for your own good. Always sticking up for the underdog and caring for those who needed help. You gave everyone everything you had, and if you didn’t have it you’d still give it to them. 

‘You made your friends feel like super heroes and gave so many people the funniest memories that will last a life time.

‘I know at times you found it hard to find your happy place. It warms my heart to know you found it these last few years. To hear the excitement in your voice each time we talked filled me with hope.

‘I wish you could accept all the love people would give you. You weren’t perfect but no one wanted you to be. We just loved Ed. The Larikin who would throw a Shaka in every photo and would scream yeeeeew at the top of his lungs. 

‘As you dance down that final road into that eternal sunset please know we all love you mate. YEEEEEEEEEWWW HAHA.

‘Thank you to all the family and friends that have shown us love and supported us during this difficult time. And thank you to Ed’s family and friends in Madagascar that showed him happiness is real. Much love’. 

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