Mike McDaniel reveals exactly how he met his wife Katie after Al Michaels made ‘me out to be a d-bag’ with his story on Amazon Prime commentary during Dolphins’ win over Jets

  • Michaels made it out to seem like McDaniel abused his power as a coach
  • But McDaniel clarified saying that he ‘stole’ his now-wife from a player ‘in jest’ 
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Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel attempted to set the record straight after a story about him meeting his wife was shared on-air.

During the Amazon Prime broadcast of the Black Friday game between the Dolphins and Jets, play-by-plan man Al Michaels told a story about McDaniel meeting his now-wife Katie.

Michaels tells the story about McDaniel bumping into her at a nightclub while he was the running backs coach of the Sacramento Mountain Lions in the now-defunct United Football League.

As Michaels tells it, McDaniel saw one of the running backs he was coaching dancing with Katie after a win and the coach said, ‘Listen, you’re not dancing with her anymore or you’re not playing with this team next year.

Michaels continued: ‘So then McDaniel starts dancing with her. That’s the beginning of the story. Four years later, they’re married.’

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel tried clarifying how he met his wife, Katie

Amazon's Al Michaels told the story on a broadcast, making McDaniel feel like a 'd-bag'

Amazon’s Al Michaels told the story on a broadcast, making McDaniel feel like a ‘d-bag’

McDaniel said that he doesn't regret how he met his wife and calls it a 'good decision'

McDaniel said that he doesn’t regret how he met his wife and calls it a ‘good decision’

On Monday, McDaniel reacted to Michaels’ telling of the story – which took off online – and attempted to clarify the finer details. 

‘I would say the skeleton of the story is correct. But there’s a couple important caveats,’ he said. 

‘First of all, the perceived threat I made to a player was over the top a joke considering both he and I knew that as the running backs coach, I had no ability to say if he was there or not. It was more in jest. 

‘And then second of all, my wife was telling me people were talking about me stealing people’s girls. The dude had met her for 45 seconds. 

The coach referred to the incident as a ‘light-hearted, very unique scenario’ that Michaels blew out of proportion.

‘It was a special place in our memories,’ he said, ‘but I don’t think it was — I feel like I was painted out to kind of be a d-bag, and it wasn’t like that at all. It was all nice. 

‘We were celebrating as a team and it was something that I think, Steve Baylark, the player that was dancing with her, was well aware when I made that joke in jest that it was more important to me than it was to him.

‘And I’m pretty sure I was right. I have a family now. Good decision.’

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