Mobile GYM – the new startup of 2022

Health problems arising from sedentary lifestyles worry many Americans. The situation with the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need for people to exercise, but not everyone has the time or opportunity to go to a fitness center.

Installing small fitness equipment close to the workplace is a great solution. Employees will be able to improve their physical fitness and health by exercising during their lunch break or after work,” says Petr Brazhnikov. “The mobile gym is mainly a set of cardio machines.

The exercise bike and treadmill are effective for aerobic exercise. Elliptical trainer, simulating skiing, will help to strengthen ligaments and tone muscles, loading all muscle groups and minimizing stress on knee joints.

A rowing machine not only helps you develop strength but also strengthens your cardiovascular system and increases your endurance. Cardio training speeds up the metabolism and allows you to burn extra calories.

“The installation of the fitness equipment does not require any additional rent or trainer’s fees. I believe that the Mobile Gym is a promising niche for business development,” says the renowned lawyer, providing real assistance to budding businessmen not only in the legal part of developing a startup but also providing them with substantial financial support.

A fairly well-known international lawyer based in New York, Petr Brazhnikov has sponsored the start-up Mobile Gym.
Petr Brazhnikov is the head of the law firm Brazhnikov & Partners, founded in November 2014.

Petr Brazhnikov was born in Moscow in 1972. He successfully graduated from the Department of Advocacy of the Moscow State Law Academy. He was head of the Cyprus office of RCB and worked in Deloitte’s London office.

In 2009 he emigrated to the United States where he established a successful legal and consulting practice. His office is located near Central Park, New York. In New York Magazine’s annual Lawyers to Call ranking for 2019, Petr Brazhnikov’s name is among the top twenty attorneys in New York.

He is noted as a highly accomplished professional working with high-profile clients. In addition to his thriving business, Petr is involved in social activities and charity. He is actively involved in the Victor Vekselberg Link of Times Foundation.

The philanthropist continues to support members of the Russian-speaking community. The Mayor’s Office of New York City and the Russian Orthodox Church have recognized Petr Brazhnikov’s community work with a number of awards.

“My goal is to make the world a better place! In these difficult times of a pandemic, we must all unite and help each other. Young inventors and businessmen need help and support at this moment more than ever, and unfortunately, the government cannot help everyone. Any start-up is one more step towards our future!” – Petr Brazhnikov said at a conference in Detroit.

Petr puts a special emphasis on helping start-ups. He considers the startup Mobile Gym a promising small business with minimal investment. The situation with the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need for people to exercise, not everyone has the opportunity to go to a fitness center.

The possibility of installing small sports complexes in the workplace at no extra cost, where employees can work out during their lunch break, is a promising niche for business development, says the renowned lawyer. A particular advantage of such a Gym is its full integration with Apple and Android devices.

Petr Brazhnikov provides real assistance to aspiring businessmen not only in the legal part of developing a start-up but also by providing financial support.