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Mobile Spy – Top 3 Best Spy Apps

We live in an era where people often lead double lives. Their behavior on social networks may differ significantly from real life.

Children who prefer to spend most of their free time online are also susceptible to this. In virtual space, they are at risk of becoming victims of cyber-bullying or harassment. There’s a lot of cheaters on the Internet. And it’s crucial to be able to recognize them. For example, with the help of anti-cheater apps.

There are also situations where the head of a company wants to track how expediently his employees use the work phone.

In all these situations, spyware can help. A large number of remote phone tracking applications are available on the market. However, many spyware applications simply do not meet the stated surveillance and tracking capabilities. And there is often a very high price for applications with a small obsolete set of features.

We have compiled the Top 3 most popular mobile spy apps 2020:


The best offer for monitoring Android and iOS devices. Being quite a simple and very powerful application, it is the best program for parental control or supervision of employees.

The uniqueness of the application is in a powerful keylogger that records any character or letter from the target phone and the ability to take automatic screenshots of the screen (by adjusting the periodicity at your discretion).

These two perfectly tuned features make iKeyMonitor a very popular program, compensating for the lack of other features.

Ikeymonitor features

  • SMS and phone calls. You will get access to copies of all sent and received SMS messages. All incoming and outgoing calls. This applies to both iOS and Android devices;
  • recording voice messages. A keylogger can easily record voice messages and deliver them to your subscriber;
  • monitoring social networks and messengers;
  • email. iKeyMonitor allows you to read the content of e-mails, the time and dates of all e-mails, other data;
  • IKeyMonitor keylogger can track all keystrokes, passwords, and inserted text of any length. You will have information about all passwords from your target device;
  • browser history. A mobile spy will record all websites you have visited. The application logs each URL from your target phone or tablet. This feature applies to Android Chrome, iOS Safari, or Android Stock browsers;
  • tracks the GPS location of the owner of the target phone. The keylogger provides information about the location of the target phone at your request, displaying it with a virtual map;
  • control the address book. A keylogger can record all names and other important data in the address book, such as emails, call dates, etc.;
  • view notes, reminders, and calendar events. Date and time of all events, all reminders and notes will be available with this keylogger.


FlexiSPY developers offer more features than other similar products. And many other software does not support half the features that FlexiSPY has.

You get all the usual spy features such as text, email, visited websites, photos, videos, call logs, contacts, bookmarks, and GPRS tracking. In addition, this software features real-time listening, call recording, environment recording, and a remote spy camera!

You get control and remote access:

  • setting up alerts and notifications;
  • notification of Sim card replacement;
    viewing installed programs and applications;
  • remote software removal and blocking;
  • ability to update the software without additional access to the device.

FlexiSpy is absolutely invisible after installation and is not detected by the device protectors. It is definitely the safest product.


One of the most powerful spy apps for Android and iPhone to date, used by millions of users in 190 countries.

This spyware has been recognized as one of the most feature-rich applications and has been widely covered in Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Toms Guide, and Life Wire.

Benefits of the Cocospy Spy

  1. The program has proved itself as a well-performing tool for monitoring employees and for parental control.
  2. Supports all devices on iOS and Android bases.
  3. No need for routing or jailbreaks.
  4. You can easily track target device messages, GPS location, call log, and more. The app automatically deletes the app icon after setup, leaving you completely invisible.


  • remote installation for iPhone devices. Simply enter your iCloud credentials;
  • doesn’t take up much space on your phone – just 2MG;
  • quick and easy installation – about 5 minutes;
  • the spy works in the background, remaining invisible.


  • direct physical access is required to monitor Android devices (however, this is a requirement for all legal spyware).

By installing the program, you will be able to track:

  • GPS location;
  • incoming and outgoing SMS messages and media files;
  • messages in social networks and chat rooms: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and others;
  • call logs;
  • photos, etc.