Modern App Designs: The Best Ones in 2021

Whether you need to design the next interface for a website or build something for your eCommerce business, modern applications need innovative solutions. Users are getting more tech-savvy every year and an app design needs to keep up with this progress.

For example, one of the popular casino games Book of Dead has a user-friendly and eye-catching design that attracts users. Only by knowing the trends of today can you come up with tomorrow’s most well-liked app design ideas.

Here’s our list of engaging, intuitive, and elegant app designs to inspire your new application’s look.

Cool New Ways to Visualize Data

Here’s the thing: graphs don’t need to look dull. You can add some creativity to your data visualization and find fun ways to display the analytics. That includes presenting the information with stimulating colors, animations, unique graphs, etc.

And look, engaging data visualization is a trend that doesn’t apply solely to data presentation apps.

Analytics and all sorts of figures are integral app design elements for almost any application. Add some wave patterns to a training app’s data page and see it come alive (and thrillingly hypnotic).

Neumorphism – Giving the 2010s App Design New Life

Before 2020, the trend was to make the buttons and icons as simple-looking as possible. This year it’s all about making them compelling to look at by employing a design trend called “neumorphism”. What is it, you may ask?

Neumorphism takes the flat-style elements from the 2010s and updates them with life-like dimensions. The result keeps the original simple design and adds pleasing realism that makes the icons pop from the screen.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Because of the pandemic and the isolation measures, apps with virtual and augmented reality functions have become increasingly popular. So in 2021, we can expect more immersive and interactive design elements that allow people to have fun without leaving home.

But where would you start to find ways to add engaging VR or AR functions?

The goal is to make people feel like they’re inside the app, and using it feels like playing a game. A great example of this is IKEA’s AR app. It allows you to look at any corner of your apartment through the smartphone camera and add furniture to the image.

It’s very entertaining to remodel your home with that kind of fun, helpful tool.

Surprising Angles

Apps used to come with only the right angles. But in 2021, it’s gotten much more diverse. Designers use unusual angles to place various elements or even backgrounds, making the user experience fresh and novel.

This type of app design development gives the apps a rebellious feel. It’s deliberately breaking the rules of traditional app-building to stand out. The results you get are exciting and playful apps that are really fun to explore.

Dark Designs – a Favorite for Casino Apps

Online casinos have always been at the forefront of modern design, and they’re keeping it up in 2021. Most casino apps use the trendy dark theme to be easier on players’ eyes.

You can spot this sharp aesthetic in almost any gaming app’s design on multiple casino platforms and games.

It makes reading game instructions easier and enhances the overall user experience with its good looks. The sleek appearance is crucial to attracting players who want the same sense of glamour and excitement from the app that brick-and-mortar casinos have.

Great Swiping

The thing about swiping is that it’s so much more satisfying than clicking through pages. So there are hardly any new apps in 2021 without memorable ways to swipe around. Some swiping experiences include animations for every “page turn.”

Others have swiping integrated deeply into the app to raise users’ efficiency in completing various tasks.

To come up with an engaging approach, you need to use some imagination. Step into the users’ shoes for a sec and ask how you could make the app more convenient and activate some functions with easy swipes.

Ultimately, the solutions are all about accommodating your audience’s needs.

Add Some Art

Whether you opt for a realistic design or something with lots of abstract art depends on what you want your brand to communicate. Abstract art can add an element of fun to young startups’ apps or to an app that deals with art and interior design.

The colorful shapes are easy to look at and won’t interfere with the use of the app. Choose design fonts that complement the artistry, and you’ve got a cool simple look that’s fashionable in 2021.

Email Marketing Software

Popular email marketing platforms and their software have a mission to provide email marketing that’s simpler, more intuitive, and better value than the competition. It combines an intuitive design with very deep features covering multiple integration options and artificial intelligence-based analytics.


Every designer dreams of predicting the visual styles that are going to be popular in the upcoming years. But while coming up with new designs, it’s crucial to keep in mind the end-user and make the app engaging and comfortable.

Use the design trends from this article for inspiration, and it can be you who defines the look of the 2020s while boosting the apps’ usability.

Isn’t that what you want?


Author’s bio:

Jeremy Ambrose started his own small business on the Internet a few years ago. After many failures and difficulties passed, he decided that he wanted to share his experience and knowledge with other people.