Moment a tree splits vertically and disintegrates into a cloud of smoke during felling 

Timber! Spectacular moment a tree splits vertically and disintegrates into a cloud of smoke during felling

  • The tree was chopped by a logger before splitting sideways in Nanaimo, Canada 
  • It split vertically and disintegrated into a huge cloud of smoke during felling 
  • Appearing swept up in the moment, the worker shouts ‘that was ‘f*****g nuts!’ 

This is the astonishing moment a tree split vertically and completely disintegrated into a cloud of smoke during felling.

Footage shows a logger straddling a towering tree in a woodland in Nanaimo, Canada.

The worker can be heard using a chainsaw to hack through one of the branches.

The tree split vertically before crashing to the ground and erupting into a cloud of smoke

Time to split! A tree was sent plummeting to the woodland floor in Nanaimo, Canada

Within a few seconds, the top starts to topple sideways and snaps the tree in half – with a thundering sound echoing through the woods.

The top half comes plummeting towards the ground as a huge chunk of the tree breaks away near the trunk.

It then splits, sending pieces of bark flying and creating a cloud of brown smoke.

Huge chunks of tree are scattered and force the cameraman to quickly jump backwards, in the clip from February 7, 2018. 

The logger shouted 'that was f*****g nuts' after the tree fell apart

A half-chopped tree then appeared behind the cloud of smoke

The cameraman managed to escape injuries and quickly jumped backwards to avoid the pieces of flying bark

An eye-witness said: ‘I was cutting dead snag near powerlines when the tree failed spectacularly.’

Moments later, a half-chopped tree appears behind the plume of smoke.

The worker, who appears swept up in the adrenaline rush, then says: ‘That was f*****g nuts!’

His friend, who is filming, seems just as impressed as he yells: ‘Yeah, buddy!

It comes just months after a blundering tree surgeon chopped down one of Britain’s first ever giant redwoods ‘by mistake’.

Arwyn Morgan, 50, felled the historic tree at the Penllergaer Estate, Swansea to make way for a new housing estate.