Moment airline passenger with ‘zero patience’ charges down the aisle to disembark the plane before his fellow fliers have even unbuckled… sparking huge debate about airplane etiquette

An Instagram user has sparked a furious debate about airline etiqette after speedily unboarding a plane from the back row.

In the viral video titled: ‘POV: you have 0 patience when getting off planes,’ a passenger sat near the back of the plane rushes to get off.

As soon as the seatbelt sign rings, the passenger grabs his backpack and takes off down the aisle, moving swiftly past passengers getting their luggage from the overhead bins. 

While the majority of passengers have just unbuckled their seatbelts and are waiting patiently to exit, the man mutters to himself – seemingly pleased that he had managed to disembark so quickly. 

An Instagram user has gone viral after speedily exiting a plane and has sparked a heated debate in the comment section

The man was sat in the back row and swiftly got up as soon as the seatbelt sign turned off, he found his way to the front of the plane in a matter of seconds

The man was sat in the back row and swiftly got up as soon as the seatbelt sign turned off, he found his way to the front of the plane in a matter of seconds

In a matter of seconds, the prompt passenger finds his way to the front of the plane with just a few people ahead of him. 

Posting the video to his 4,000 followers the social media user wrote in the captions: ‘I’m literally top 5 plane unboarder.’  

The now-viral video has been viewed close to 10 million times and has raked in thousands of comments. 

One comment, which read: ‘You’re the problem,’ has been liked over 223,000 times. 

Hundreds of other displeased passenger’s were in agreement, one person wrote: ‘Unless you’re about to miss your connecting flight this is uncalled for.’

Another person wrote: ‘Get back to your seat.’ 

Meanwhile, some were planning revenge fantasies in the comments. One person wrote: ‘If I’m in the aisle seat, I will get up just to block you and tell you to wait your turn.’ 

Some users, however, hopped to the passenger’s defence, one user wrote: ‘Why is everyone so mad he can get off a plane. I didn’t see anyone have an issue in the video.’

Another agreed: ‘The same people that take 78 business days to get their stuff and get off and on the plane are the ones complaining about this guy.’

A particularly impassioned follower, asked Instagram users to consider three things: ‘1. He is at the back of the plane.

‘2. He had his things already ready and got up as soon as they landed.

‘3. Everyone on the plane has two options get their s*** faster and be more organised or let those who are ready and have minimal luggage off.’

The video comes after a summer of travel etiquette, and towards the start of the season, a heated debate ensued after a CEO turfed an entitled mother out of her pre-booked seat. 

The businesswoman at jewellery brand CONQUERing, Tammy Nelson, posted her experience to TikTok and gained countless comments praising her for not giving up her seat.  

But while most people supported her for refusing the mother’s request, a smaller minority argued she could have been more empathetic and understanding.