More Productivity Today: Tips for Getting Your Business Working Better

If you’re running a business, you don’t need to be told that competition is fierce and shows no sign of slowing down. It’s important to seek out every advantage you can get, and do everything possible to keep focused.

With that in mind, here are a few high and low tech ideas you can implement quickly to improve the performance of your business.

Board Portal Software

Leadership starts at the top, so technology specifically designed to empower your decision makers to stay connected can play a very important role in your company. Board portal software has numerous ways that it can help your business improve communications.

Board portal software is cloud-based technology that streamlines communications for your directors, saving them time and giving them powerful tools to stay connected. For example, no matter what device your directors prefer using, all communication takes place within a single platform. This means there will be no more going back and forth between emails and texts — all communication is done in one place through the app. Read this when it is time to evaluate your board portal so you can see the different features available, and compare various platforms so you’ll know which one is best for you.

Board portal software facilitates digital collaboration. It’s easy for directors to read and share documents, annotations, questions and feedback. Any change to a file is immediately and automatically reflected on everybody’s file. This means that there is no time wasted manually updating files — everybody stays up to date automatically.

Security is paramount when it comes to board portal software. The apps are highly encrypted, every log in is verified and authenticated, and in the event a company-issued device goes missing all the data can be wiped remotely.

Stay on Track with Lists

Running a business means dividing your time wisely. You need to prioritize your actions, and a helpful way of doing this is by separating what tasks are essential, and which are simply nice to do. It’s easy to get bogged down by work that feels productive, but is only in the second category.

It’s essential to spend time doing only what’s most valuable. They may seem basic, but lists are a really helpful way to stay focused.

Get Prepared, Emotionally

Sometimes coming to terms with what you are about to go through is as important as knowing in advance what you need to do. In the morning, when you settle for work, come to terms with the emotional challenges of the day. Write down the things you need to accomplish which you anticipate will be boring, gruelling or frustrating.

This will help you push through tasks that are essential for the business, but are the least pleasant to perform.

There are no universal solutions for improving your business because no two companies are the same. But if you select the right technology to keep your decision makers connected, stay organized and take the time to get emotionally ready for your day, you should see a tangible improvement in your business as a result.