Most popular online slots games all reel-lovers must try

With a pandemic that we don’t know when is going to end, last year was quite a challenge for everyone. We still don’t know what’s coming next, but we can only hope things are going to come back to normal soon.

In these times of uncertainty, and especially when we are recommended to stay at home for as much as possible, it is important that we find distractions to help the time pass faster and more enjoyable. For many of us, slots games have become a much-needed break from everyday stress, as well as an opportunity to turn in some big profits.

This is why online casinos have raised in popularity during the pandemic, as people prefer the comfort of their own home to actually getting dressed and going to a brick-and-mortar casino.

If slot games are your weapon of choice, then you’ll be pleased to know there are countless options you can choose from. Still, how do you pick the ones worth trying? With a little help from us.

Below is a list of the most popular slot games that offer both impressive rewards and quality entertainment. Try them out and diversify your game during your next visit to your favorite online casino.

Zuma Slots

Zuma was a very popular game back in its day, receiving a “Game of the year” award in 2004. With this in mind, it was only natural someone would think about making a slots game out of it.

Inspired by the addictive tile-matching game, Zuma Slots quickly became a favorite among casino players all over the world. The game features a total of 20 ways to win on the 5-reel slot machine and a bonus triggered by three frog symbols.

If you played the classic Zuma, you will immediately recognize the classic sound effects that announce the extra spins round. The game lets you win quite some impressive rewards, as the Zuma symbols will multiply your win by as much as 10 times if you are lucky.

Gladiator slots

The well-known company Playtech developed this slots game based on the legends of the Spartan warriors. Take a trip back in time, all the way to ancient Rome, where you can meet brave warriors and witness legendary Colosseum battles with this action packed game.

This Gladiator slot game has two main bonus modes, to maximize the player’s chances of winning some big rewards. One is the Gladiator bonus, which becomes preset when you collect three helmet symbols. The other bonus type follows the traditional “Pick me” approach, which requires you to collect 9 bronze, silver, or gold helmets.

You will see a lot of symbols during this slot game, but the highest-paid ones are usually the four gladiators, with the Rectiarus being the gladiator that will bring you the highest rewards. It has the potential to bring you a prize of 20 times the total bet. No wonder this Gladiator slot game is a true favorite with slot players.

Cleopatra slots

If you like Egyptian stories, you’ll fall in love with Cleopatra Slots. Get ready to take a walk along the Nile and pick up some big wins in the meantime. Popular in brick-and-mortar and online casinos alike, Cleopatra Slots has a return to player (RTP) OR 95.02%, which means you can have fun and also make some significant profits in the process.

When three or more Sphinx symbols appear on your screen, it means you can trigger the bonus round that consists of 15 free spins. These spins have the potential to grant multipliers, which will increase your chances of success. During this free spins round, you gave the chance of gaining 15 more extra spins if the 3 Sphinxes appear again. What’s more, if you are lucky enough to get 5 Sphinx symbols, you can win 100 times your initial bet.

Make sure to give both Cleopatra I and II a try, as the game received a much-appreciated sequel.

Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods is ac classic among reel-lovers, so if you haven’t tried it by now, you simply must give it a go. The game is inspired by Greek mythology, and the ultimate goal of the player is to try and line up 5 different Gods, obtaining a combo known as the Pantheon of Power. If you are lucky enough to get it, you have the chance to win 200 times the payout stake.

Even though there are more than 10 games in the Age of Gods series, the first one is still the most popular one, but feel free to give the others a try as well. You will certainly find another one that suits your playing style.

Deal or No Deal

Some of you may have heard of Deal or No Deal, as it was quite a popular TV show. If you hoped you will one day be the one who received that impressive bank offer, the Deal or No Deal slots game helps you achieve just that.

The slot game is popular among veterans and new players alike, as it gives you the chance to win quite significant prizes. The principle of the game is quite simple: during a spin, you can choose to deal, and accept the offer presented to you, or no deal and reject it. If you accept the offer, you will win a specific prize. If you reject it, you will take whatever prize appears on the reels.

Book of Ra

If Cleopatra is not enough of an Egyptian classic for you, then consider trying Book of Ra. This is one of the most played slots games in the world and has become a classic among reel-lovers.

What drives players to this game is the chance to win up to 5,000 times your stake, which could mean quite a significant amount of money. Your ultimate goal is to take advantage of the special features that are triggered by the Book Of Ra symbols.

The game also has a deluxe version you can try, but most players still prefer the original one.