Most Popular Windows Styles In The UK

Looking for the best uPVC windows in Essex? We got you covered! Selecting the right window type is one of the most crucial things while designing a home. In fact, the type of window you’re installing can make or break the design of the place. While there are plenty of window styles available in the market, not each one can be suitable for your home. Moreover, picking one out of endless types can be often challenging considering the material, safety, and other things. With that in mind, here we are providing the most popular window styles in the UK to help you make the best selection.

Sliding Sash / Double Hung Windows

Sliding sash also known as the double-hung windows are the most commonly used windows in the UK. If you look at a majority of vintage buildings, you’ll find these windows. Sliding sash windows work by moving up and down. When you select this style, pay special attention to the material. These days uPVC and aluminum-clad windows are much in trend. They are lightweight and durable as well. If you want to give a traditional touch to your home, sliding sash windows are great options. They are easy to maintain and come at a reasonable cost.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are linked to one side and open outwards or inwards depending on your wish. These types of windows can be opened and closed using a push handle or a turn crank or handle. These are very easy to clean and are durable as well.

Top-Hung Windows

As the name suggests, top-hung windows are hinged to the top. These windows open outwards in a majority of cases. Top-hung windows are great if you want separate ventilation points. For example, in bathrooms, kitchens, basement, and garage.

Tilt & Turn Windows

These windows are hinged to one of the sides and open inwards. These are European style windows that look very stylish and offer plenty of ventilation.

Fixed And Special Shaped Windows

Fixed windows are a great way to connect your indoors to the outdoors. They offer the maximum amount of natural light and look great with the large clear fixed glasses. They make the space look bright and large. Further, these windows are low-maintenance and easy to clean as well.

So, these are the five most popular window styles in the UK. You can select the one depending upon the design, ventilation requirement, and type of your building and also according to your budget. Talking about the budget, you might want to know how much each of these windows style cost?

The answer is, there are no exact figures for specific types of windows. The cost of windows varies according to their manufacturer, material, location, and a few other things. A good idea is to visit your local windows installation company and get quotes to select the best one. Also, make sure to get your FENSA certificate from your windows installer.

That’s all for your windows requirements. We hope this guide helps you.