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Mother Sarah Barrass admits murdering her two sons, aged 13 and 14, with family member

Sarah Barrass (pictured) pleaded guilty of murdering Tristan and Blake Barrass

A mother today sobbed in the dock as she admitted to killing her two teenage sons. 

Sarah Barrass appeared at Sheffield Crown Court, with family member Brandon Machin, who also pleaded guilty to murdering her two teenage sons Tristan and Blake Barrass. 

It was heard that the pair had also plotted to kill her four other children and the judge today said they may ‘spend their whole lives in jail’. 

According to the charges, the the conspiracy to murder the six children took place between May 14 and May 20.

The murders then took place on the morning of May 24, and police were called to the property shortly after.  

Police were called to their semi-detached house in the Shiregreen area in May after they were said to have fallen ill and took the boys to hospital where they were later pronounced dead. 

The brothers died in hospital 12 minutes apart. No details have yet been given as to what happened to the children inside the property.

This is while an inquest was opened and adjourned in July, but no suspected cause of death was given at the time.

Today Barrass, 35, admitted conspiracy to murder six of her children, including Tristan and Blake, and five counts of attempted murder.

Pictured: 13-year-old Tristan Barrass

Blake Barrass, 14, died after falling ill at home in Sheffield

Tristan, left, and Blake, right, fell ill at their home in Sheffield in May and died in hospital shortly after

The attempted murder charges relate to four of her children, including Tristan and Blake.

Machin, 37, also admitted the same charges.

Family member Brandon Machin (above) will be sentenced on November 12

Family member Brandon Machin (above) will be sentenced on November 12

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said that no words could ever reflect ‘the enormity of what you have both done’. 

He added: ‘The crimes you have committed quite frankly speak for themselves. The murder of two children.

‘The attempted murder of four children and the over-arching conspiracy to murder those children.

‘I repeat, those crimes speak for themselves. I have little doubt that each of you will in due course be sentenced to several terms of life imprisonment.’

Judge Richardson said it was a ‘matter for the judge, where a whole life order is imposed.’

They will both be sentenced on November 12.

Barrass wore a black off-the-shoulder dress with pink flowers as she cried throughout the 20-minute hearing.

She was separated from Machin, who showed no emotion, by three security guards.  

There were around 300 motorcyclists involved in the cortege, pictured, after family and friends put out a call for bikers to help them pay their respects

There were around 300 motorcyclists involved in the cortege, pictured, after family and friends put out a call for bikers to help them pay their respects 

On August 8 around 300 motorbikes led a hearse with two Lamborghini sports cars, when the two boys were remembered at Grenoside Crematorium.

A timeline of Sarah Barrass and Brandon Machin’s murder plot

Sarah Barrass and Brandon Machin both pleaded guilty to murder today, below is a timeline of how their plot unfolded.

May 14 and May 20: According to the charges, the pair discussed and plotted the murders over six days

May 24: Ten days after first devising their plot, the pair kill Tristan and Blake Barrass

July: An inquest into the death of the two children was opened and adjourned

August 8: The two boys are remembered at the Grenoside Crematorium

September 27: Barrass and Machin plead guilty to murder and conspiracy 

Sentencing is set to take place on November 12  

The bikes assembled for the service following an appeal for riders to come forward and support the family. 

They included lavish three-wheelers as well as scooters, with some revving their engines in respect as they followed the hearse, which carried one large white coffin with the boys’ names on each side.

Hundreds of mourners packed the chapel at the crematorium with many listening to the service outside in the sunshine.

Friends and family say the brothers were both fanatical about fast cars and motorbikes, so local owners were asked to be part of the procession.

Most of the motorcycles were Harley Davidsons, while Honda, BMW, Suzuki and Triumph owners also attended. Many revved their engines in respect to the young boys.

As the white coffin, which had the boys’ names engraved on it, entered the crematorium the Ed Sheeran song Thinking Out Loud was played on loudspeakers.

Those in attendance heard emotional tributes from a family friend and the boys’ young cousin who broke down in tears as she spoke on the day.

She said: ‘I know this is a sad time but in my heart, I will always remember my cousins.

‘I know they will always be waiting for me at heaven’s door.’


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