Mother spider releases dozens of babies in Georgia

This is the terrifying moment a mother spider releases dozens of her tiny babies she was hiding on her back.

Footage taken by a man and his son in Canton, Georgia, U.S.A. shows an arachnid on their driveway.

As the father zooms in on the eight-legged creature, his son says ‘Oh wow’, to which he responds: ‘What the heck?

‘Oh, it’s a spider with a tonne of f******* babies on it. See there goes one right there.’

The camera then shows some liquid, that appears to be saliva, fall onto the tarmac next to the spider.

But when another splashes down it hits its target and sees dozens of tiny spiders scuttle from their mother’s back out of sight. 

The father can then be heard shouting ‘gross’ and ‘holy schnikes.

Nightmare footage from Canton, Georgia, U.S.A. shows a mother spider (pictured) with dozens of her babies sitting on her back 

The video was taken by a man and his son who scream in disgust when they realise how many spiders are there

Seemingly spitting on it, the mother releases its babies in a split second

Baby spiders spend their first few days on their mother’s abdomen (left). When the man filming the video seemingly splits on the creature, it releases its youngsters that go scuttling away (right) 

When spiderlings hatch they climb onto their mother’s abdomen where they spend their first few days before heading out into the world.

Often people confuse the natural phenomena, thinking the babies are coming out of the mother, not just sitting on her back.

After the minuscule creatures have all fled, the father is heard saying: ‘God why was that so satisfying, it felt really good.’

But then considers how the universe might punish him for scaring the creepy crawlies. 

He adds: ‘Now I’m going to have a million of those f**** things around the house, gross.’ 

The man and his son can be heard saying 'gross' as the tiny spiders run out of shot 

The man and his son can be heard saying ‘gross’ as the tiny spiders run out of shot