Move over Dr Pimple Popper! Dentist horrifies the internet with gruesome teeth videos

These stomach-churning videos will make you think twice about missing a day of brushing your teeth.

Much like Dr Pimple Popper, LA-based TikTok creator thekidzdentist, who boasts millions of views and has more than 500,000 followers, posts confronting content that you simply can’t look away from – even if you want to.

He shares videos of food and debris being pulled out of gaping cavities, cleaning away years-old plaque build-up and other dental ailments.

Though it’s unclear if the videos he posts are all of patients he sees, there’s no denying the content resonates with millions.

Leafy greens pulled out of cavity – 127.4 million

A hook scraps more debris out of the hole in the tooth

LA-based thekidzdentist shared this TikTok video showing pieces of what looks to be food being pulled out of a cavity 

More leafy green appears as the hook continues to dig

More green hangs out of the tooth in the video with more than 120 million views

More leafy green appears as a hook continues to dig into the cavity in a video seen by more than 127 million

This video shows a close-up a person’s mouth with the camera focused on their back teeth – one with a sizeable cavity.

A little hook is seen scraping out food that has become embedded in the cavity, or ‘tooth goop’ as he likes to call it some videos, eliciting squeamish reactions from viewers.

First to emerge is a tiny yellow piece of debris before a second excavation turns up a couple of leafy greens.

They all disappear into a suction tube, revealing the true size of the cavity.

‘Bro had an entire meal in there,’ one person wrote in the comments.

‘How does that even happen??’ another TikTok user said, adding a crying face emoji.

Others said they were off to brush their teeth after seeing this video.  

The video has garnered more than 1207 million views since it was posted in October.

‘What the munch?’ – 4.6 million views 

Another video showing some more food being pulled out of a bigger cavity

This time it appears to be a bigger cavity. Thekidzdentist shares videos to raise awareness about detail health

A second video shows more food being pulled out of a bigger cavity

The TikTok creator’s shared videos have been viewed by millions and this one is no exception. 

In this second video, what appears to be food is being pulled from yet another cavity – and it keeps on coming.

‘It seems like he is cleaning, but actually is cooking,’ one person’s reaction read.

‘Bros got tomatos (sic), peanuts and pickle,’ another TikTok user speculated.

A third person quipped: ‘Good soup.’ 

Soft tooth decay – 1.6 million views 

This third video shows the start of a root canal

Viewers can see a drill getting rid of tooth decay as thekidzdentist appears in front of the video

This third video shows the start of a root canal where a drill is getting rid of tooth decay

A wider shot of how much soft tooth decay has rotted this person's teeth

A wider shot of how much soft tooth decay has rotted this person’s teeth

Another video shows how tooth decay is removed to do a root canal, using a dentist’s drill.

‘We’re going to the core of this tooth, baby,’ thekidzdentist says.

How can food become stuck in my cavity? 

Cavities or tooth decay happen when the hard surface of teeth are damaged and holes start to open up.

These ‘can form annoying and painful food traps that you might not be able to deal with unless you use floss’, according to Annapolis Dental Care.

To make things worst, trapped food can hurry along the decay and make a cavity larger.

‘This is the first step to a root canal and what we have to do is open up the tooth, access it, make it all big, so we can use our drill and get all the decay out.

‘All this brown stuff, that’s some soft decay. That’s rot.

‘We can eventually reach the nerve canals… We’ll see big fat juicy nerve and then be able to remove it, that’s the start of a root canal.’

Cavities and tooth decay are ‘permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes,’ according to the Mayo Clinic.

It’s ’caused by a combination of factors, including bacteria in your mouth, frequent snacking, sipping sugary drinks and not cleaning your teeth well.’

‘Tooth goop’ – 5.1 million views

‘What is stuck in this huge cavity?’ thekidzdentist asks in the caption of this video.

‘That’s rice for sure,’ one person speculated.

Other guesses were ‘coconut’ and a ‘sunny-side up egg’.

Whatever it is, it was a moment people couldn’t stop watching.

'Tooth goop' is seen coming out of this cavity during a clean

thekidzdentist added the caption 'scoopy scoop' to this cavity clean video

The TikTok creator calls the debris that’s scooped out of a cavity as ‘tooth goop’

‘Tartar Alert’ – 8.2 million views


OMG😱Tartar Alert🚨This is severe Tartar build up aka calculus on the teeth. Major teeth cleaning with calculus removal shown here! Tartar can only be removed by a dentist or hygienest. Tartar is hardened plaque that is stuck on the teeth like calcified rock⚠️ It’s a mix of bacteria, food, & minerals from saliva. This severe case comes from years of not brushing properly. This can cause gum disease, infection, & bad breath😷#dentist #teeth #tooth #tartar teeth cleaning plaque removal calculus removal on teeth rotten teeth tooth decay extraction abscess tooth removal cavity infection hole in tooth toothpaste teeth implants teeth care

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Some videos show the clean-up of plaque that's been built up over years

This is one example of such a video where this whole chunk of plaque comes right off the teeth

A whole chunk of plaque comes right off these teeth. Some of the videos show plaque that’s been building up over years

It’s not just the cavity videos that rack up the views. 

This video shows tartar that’s been building up over years.

‘This is severe tartar build up… Tartar is hardened plaque that is stuck on the teeth like calcified rock,’ thekidzdentist says.

‘It’s a mix of bacteria, food, & minerals from saliva. This severe case comes from years of not brushing properly.’

A hair also appears to be stuck in the plaque after it’s pried off the teeth. 

‘So satisfying to see that removed,’ one person wrote.

But most people were puzzled by how long it went untreated.

 ‘Baby bottle syndrome’ – 1.4 million views 


I hate to see this in the office but I’m happy to know that I will be able to get the child out of pain & on the right path to a proper diet/oral health. This is called “baby bottle syndrome” & occurs when the child sleeps with a bottle/sippy cup of milk/juice/sugary liquids. The sugar sits on the teeth all night long & causes these large cavities! This can be easily prevented with proper oral hygiene & the use of non-sugar liquids for your child. #teeth #tooth #dentist

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This child is missing their front teeth from 'baby bottle syndrome'

'Baby bottle syndrome' happens when a child falls asleep with a bottle of milk, juice or sugary liquids

‘Baby bottle syndrome’ happens when a toddler sleeps with a bottle filled with milk, juice or sugary liquids

Another dental problem thekidz dentist likes to talk about is ‘baby bottle syndrome’.

He shared a video of a young child’s front teeth worn down when ‘a toddler sleeps with a bottle or sippy cup filled with milk, juice, or sugary liquids.’

The Colgate website describes the type of decay further: ‘Some of the liquid from the bottle pools behind the sleeping child’s front teeth.

‘The bacteria that cause cavities then have all the time and sugars they need in order to erode the enamel on those tiny teeth.’