Mum blasts fatphobic shoppers who gawked at her belly and judged her Shein outfit

Mum ‘fat-shamed’ by cruel strangers over ‘inappropriate’ supermarket outfit: ‘I had my belly showing’

  • Scottish mum, Nicola, blasts fellow shoppers
  • She claims they stared at her belly

A young mum has been left down in the dumps after heading to the supermarket in a belly-baring outfit only to be ‘fat shamed’ by cruel customers.

Nicola sat in her car recording her thoughts after the devastating trip to the shops and even showed off the offending Shein outfit.

‘I was getting looks probably because I had my belly showing and I am not the skinniest,’ the mum, from Scotland, said.

‘It is one of those things people probably look at me and think who does she think she is wearing that it is freezing she got her belly out,’ she added.

But after talking it out she decided she wasn’t going to let gawking passers-by get her down. 

she said people stared at her belly

Nicola wore a grey two-piece outfit from Shein to get her groceries and was devastated by people’s reactions

‘My body has produced a child an absolutely beautiful child and if I want to rock what ever I have got I am going to do it,’ she said.

‘So yea, I went to the supermarket like this, and I don’t care.’

She went on to say she believes people should be free to feel good in their own skin, and wear what they like.

‘It has bugger all to do with anyone else how fat or thin I am.’

But people were quick to throw their support behind the mum.

‘You absolutely rock that outfit,’ one woman said.

The mum said she wants women to feel confident in their own skin

The mum said she wants women to feel confident in their own skin

‘You look amazing. I need to take your advice and just go for it,’ said another. 

Others said the people could have been thinking kind thoughts when they were caught staring.

‘I bet someone looked at you and thought I wish I had the confidence to wear that!! You look amazing babe,’ said another.

The mum-of-one created a follow-up video thanking everyone for their support and to tell women to stop ‘covering up’.

‘I really want women to love themselves the way that they are,’ she said.

‘Don’t cover up what you have, love your own ski, just go for it,’ she added.