Mum slammed for ‘disgusting’ breakfast she feeds her five-year-old son – and she’s not the only one

Parents are outraged after discovering the ‘disgusting’ breakfast a mum feeds her five-year-old son everyday.

An American man recently shared an image of a large Hershey’s chocolate block on a paper plate.

The chocolate was placed in front of an iPad playing YouTube videos of the viral ‘Grimace challenge’.

‘My cousin and her kid are staying with us for a while, this is what she usually gives her son for breakfast,’ he captioned the Reddit post.

He was especially stunned because he revealed the house was stocked with various breakfast foods including fruits, bread, eggs, bacon, sausages, and more.

Parents are outraged after discovering the ‘disgusting’ breakfast a mum feeds her five-year-old

The man also revealed that his cousin allows her son to make a mess and not clean up after himself, causing him to live in what seems like a ‘consistently dirty home’.

‘We don’t eat cereal, but I always buy regular breakfast foods like bacon, eggs, and sausage for my family,’ he added.

I buy food for everyone to eat and she gives him [a chocolate bar] instead of taking the time to cook up a healthy breakfast for the boy.

‘She refuses [my healthy groceries] and buys candy, chips, soda, and fast food instead.’

He shared that the mum also gives her son doughnuts, cookies, or other sugary things when he doesn’t feel like a chocolate bar.

‘It’s less work and she doesn’t have to cook,’ he explained.

Nutritionists have previously revealed that a healthy breakfast improves a child’s concentration and academic performance.

Doctors claim a healthy breakfast should contain a decent source of protein, which could be eggs, smoked salmon, full fat yogurt, or nuts and seeds. 

Many on Reddit immediately slammed the mum for her ‘bad parenting’ and also letting her child watch mindless YouTube videos during breakfast. 

‘I’m a nanny, I’m slightly astonished by what the kids I watch are given for breakfast. Straight sugar and refined carbs, always! And they watch the iPad during breakfast, always!’ a woman shared.

‘What level of brain rot is on that iPad?’ one asked.  

‘I don’t judge too harshly on these things because I eat terribly. But a straight XL chocolate bar is pretty insane. Even sugary cereal has got to be better than that,’ another wrote.

‘Fruit is twice as filling, cheap, and convenient. This is just stupidity,’ a mum said.