Mum’s urgent warning after disgusting find in her bathroom: ‘I didn’t know you were meant to clean this’

A mum-of-two has issued a warning about the shocking amount of dust and grime that she found lurking behind her bathroom exhaust fan. 

Demi carefully removed the bathroom ceiling fan – something she had never done before – and was shocked by what she found behind it. 

Images shared to the ‘Mums Who Clean’ Facebook group show how perfectly clean the outer side of the fan appears, while the other side was completely covered in filth. 

‘I feel kind of ridiculous for not knowing these literally just unplug from your ceiling,’ Demi wrote. 

‘I had always just removed the cover and wiped what I could reach of the fan. So if you are as clueless as I am, here’s your reminder that these come out easily and probably (definitely) need a good clean.’ 

Australian mum-of-two Demi was stunned by the amount of dust hiding behind her bathroom exhaust fan 

Demi said she carefully removed the fan from the ceiling by removing the screws

Demi said she carefully removed the fan from the ceiling by removing the screws  

Demi said she carefully removed the fan from the ceiling by removing the screws.  

According to Fansonline Australia, exhaust fans do not need to be cleaned very often but every three to six months is recommended. 

However, before doing so it’s essential to turn the electricity off to make sure you do not electrocute yourself in the process.

The images stunned other mums who said they’ve never thought to clean behind the exhaust fan. 

‘I was today years old when I learnt this,’ one admitted, another said: ‘Oh I’ll have to check mine out! My house is 20 years old hope it’s plugged in like yours.’ 

‘We cleaned ours on the weekend. Thought the fan was broken. Turns out it just needed a deep clean,’ a third added.

However, others pointed out how certain fan styles cannot be removed.  

‘Not all are plug in. Some are hard wired,’ another warned. 

One said: ‘But turn off at the mains power box.’

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