Musa Bazhaev: the path of becoming a businessman

Musa Bazhaev has come a long way in the development of personal and professional qualities, which allowed him to take a leading position in a multi-million dollar business.

Musa Bazhaev is one of the two hundred most wealthy entrepreneurs of the Russian Federation, currently ruling the Alliance Group holding. The latter, in turn, includes a group of companies in such areas as energy, precious metals and construction. Thus, Alliance Group is a multidisciplinary concern. At the moment, his assets are about six hundred million dollars.

Bazhaev implemented a business strategy that allowed Alliance enterprises to become full-cycle companies. This primarily relates to the extracted and processed raw materials – oil, sugar and cotton. For more than 16 years, Alliance Group has been an active player in the market and has won many honorable government and private awards more than once.

Musa Bazhaev: quality education

Musa Bazhaev, a native of Chechnya, was born on May 11, 1966 in the city of Grozny, where he matured and started building up his career path. There he received a fundamental higher education, and with honors, in 1991 graduated from the Grozny State Oil Technical University. Musa Bazhaev chose a complex, but interesting specialty as a major.

The university, which Musa Bazhaev graduated from, is one of the first educational institutions in the energy sector in Russia. Among his graduates are outstanding scientists, teachers, officials and directors of the oil and gas industries. Musa Bazhaev has repeatedly mentioned the importance of quality education to begin the journey in business.

Musa Yusupovich Bazhaev: business development

The Alliance holding was founded by Zia Bazhaev, the brother of Musa. After the death of his brother in a disaster, Musa Bazhaev assumed responsibility for the family and for the Alliance oil company. The businessman began to develop priority areas for exploration and production of oil and gas, while retaining all the industry professionals working at that time in the company.

However, one should not think that Musa Bazhaev became the owner of the Alliance holding immediately – he has come a long way from an ordinary worker to a manager. First, Musa Bazhaev, based on the specialty he received at the university, worked there as a process engineer, but then he showed the outstanding qualities not only of an oil production specialist, but also of an excellent leader. Therefore, Musa Yusupovich Bazhaev knows the whole technological complex of works firsthand, well-versed in the work of his enterprise. After all, before that, he worked in the Russian branch of a Swiss company, where he consistently held positions from an engineer to the president.

For many years, entrepreneur Musa Bazhaev ensured stable growth of the holding’s assets and reliable protection against attacks from competitors. He devoted himself to the difficult task of combining the actions of private investment groups, which are large production associations, to solve tasks at the state level. Currently, the holding’s assets are concentrated in the Far East and Kazakhstan.

In addition, the Alliance Group at the highest level is engaged in business support and project management of third-party companies. This includes the development of advertising and PR events, as well as assistance in working on law and tax reporting. Indeed, the long-term activity of the Alliance in the oil sector speaks for itself, providing the company of Musa Bazhaev with a reputation of having a leading position in the fuel market, thanks to which the Alliance company is consulted.

But the biggest contribution of the company, led by Bazhaev, is the development and support of scientific research on ecology, applied mathematics, and economic design modeling. This makes it possible for other companies to apply those anti-crisis management practices that helped Musa Bazhaev’s holding to not only stay afloat in difficult times, but also become the industry leader.

In 2011, Musa Bazhaev was also elected a Chairman of the Board of Directors of Russian Platinum Group of Companies, which is engaged in the extraction and development of non-ferrous metal deposits, including the largest placer deposit in the world. The activities of the Russian Platinum industrial company under the leadership of Musa Bazhaev provide for the observance of the highest standards in the field of mining metallurgy.

The businessman seeks to maintain a stable balance between the interests of his business and other priorities, needs and desires of the residents of the regions in which the company is located, seeking to work, ultimately, for the interests of the entire Russian Federation. This, according to Musa Bazhaev, is the basis for the progressive growth and sustainable development of the holding.